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rooms September 2011 - Part 3

Sep 28 2011: More impressions from our visit to rooms, Tokyo’s most popular fashion trade show

Maria: KD, when I get to Japan, I’m going to stay immigrant there and work as your assitant! :D

110913-0453 - rooms at Yoyogi Stadium, Shibuya, Tokyo

rooms September 2011 - Part 2

Sep 25 2011: More impressions from our visit to rooms, Tokyo’s most popular fashion trade show

Stella Ho: this is nice!! i love japan fashion too! the wedding growns look so great!
Kjeld Duits: @Makoto Rexrode: It is only open to people in the fashion business and the press, not the general public, so it is easy to miss. Basically, invitation only. I was started in 2000, so it has been around for a while now. H.P. France organizes it.
Makoto Rexrode: I never knew this kind of event when I lived in Tokyo 9 years ago. I wish I were there. I love Japanese fashion!

110913-0453 - rooms at Yoyogi Stadium, Shibuya, Tokyo

rooms September 2011

Sep 18 2011: JAPANESE STREETS visits rooms, Tokyo’s most popular fashion trade show

Jenny Wood: Hi, I am a journalist writing for a UK fashion magazine. I would love to get in touch with the person who compiles this blog. Could you email me please at Thanks! Jenny

110913-0453 - rooms at Yoyogi Stadium, Shibuya, Tokyo

Fabulous Flea Markets in Japan

Jun 21 2011: Flea markets at Buddhist temples offer amazing deals and finds

Reinier Battenberg: Hi Kyeld, Surprised to see you’re still in Japan or maybe i’m not so surprised! Guess what: your flea markets sound great, but …… i’m interested is selling- not in buying. How do i join the selling crew? By the way: how’s your famdamily? Kai will graduate again, this time from UC, Davis. He’ll be here around new year’s. All the best!
Nita: Hi… I will go to Japan 30sept-8oct this year.. do you have any suggestions which flea market I should go? Preferable near osaka. Thanks!
Kjeld Duits: @Aniko Palko: One market in the Kanto Region that I have personally visited and can recommend if you don’t have time to check out many is Takahata Fudo “Gozareichi” Antique Fair. It is held on the 3rd Sunday each month from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. The next fair will be on May 17th. There are about 120 vendors, including several selling kimono. It is near Takahata Fudo Station on the Keio Line (Map). By train from Atsugi you need to change trains three times and it takes about 70 minutes, but it is worth the trip. Check the train schedule with JORUDAN. For other markets, I suggest you check this excellent list of antique markets in Kanto. Have fun!

Used kimono at Japanese temple market

Fashion as a Way of Life

May 29 2011: To a large number of Japanese, fashion is not about clothes, it is a way of life

Matt: I`m living in Osaka City now for 6 years and run a t-shirt print shop there. As a matter of fact we are not far from Amerika Mura and to be honest I can`t think of any credible fashion trend that has originated there. The whole area of Amerika Mura is just a complete nightmare and does my head in.
Leah B.: That pic used for the dolly kei example is the very first one to pique my curiosity about the style. Ah, the budding of a new love… <3
Kjeld Duits: @Alejandro: Come and visit Tokyo. I think you will feel at home right away. ^^


Runway for Japan

May 18 2011: Over 40 Japanese fashion designers and 100 models held a fashion show for Japan’s tsunami victims

Sylvia: I love the white dress !. It feels very light but so authentic to the asian style. LIKE!
Pearl: This is such a great cause and I love the Asian style.
Kjeld Duits: @gionbaby: Glad you like the interview! It felt good to do some fashion again after all the disaster coverage.

110515-4976: Runway for Japan

Japan from a Giant's Perspective

Mar 04 2011: UNIQLO has finally finished its UNIQLO CALENDAR, showing an incredible fast-moving miniaturized Japan

Jini: This is great! And it is indeed very Buddhist-ic, which makes it even more wonderful. It makes you think about life. I like the video very much, it’s very fun and lovely, but it’s also rather dark if you think about.
Kjeld Duits: @Keekii: It is all real. They combined two photography techniques that have become quite popular the past few years: tilt-shift photography (AKA miniature faking) and time lapse photography. If you do a Google search on these terms you can find lots of examples, and even manuals on how to do it yourself. ^^
Keekii: This is amazing! But I don’t understand how this has been made – is it real footage? How did they make it look like it’s in miniature format?


The Fairy Tale Style of Dolly Kei

Mar 03 2011: Grimoire is one of the originators of Dolly Kei fashion, a style that matches the stories of the Grimm Brothers.

Ana: Yeah…I’m not seeing much of a difference btw.mori girl and dolly kei. Anyone care to explain? Is mori less folk-costume inspired?
Jini: Interesting style, it’s vintage combined with unusual items, smart fashion :) Watching this vid made me homesick to Japan :( when the guy talks it sounds like a tourist programme, I could watch those all day… sigh…
Arc: @Kjeld TPO true true, true true.
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