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New Japanese Lifestyle Mag's Reach Out to the World

Apr 29 2012: Sate your craving for lifestyle info from Japan: new webmags from Tokyo’s creative scene.

Kjeld Duits: @Maria: Really just one more, the other two are inactive. ^^
Maria: JAGR is so cool! I’ll check out the others later^^

JAGR Lifestyle Magazine

50 Faces from the Street

Apr 15 2012: I have photographed thousands of people for their unique street fashion in the past ten years. Thousands of faces. Here are fifty of them.

Kjeld Duits: @Katherine J. Barr: Thank you. Number 34 is Kumamiki eating crepe. She is super cute.
Katherine J. Barr: great photos. ‘love them all especially #34
Laurice Anderson: This faces are very inspiring. My favorite is #43. Her face is so sweet and angelic! I don’t like faces that seem to be funky or metallic.

110604-5471: Harajuku Street Fashion

Modeling at the Japan Fashion Week

Apr 12 2012: When illustrator Brandon Reierson, better known by his pen name Lactose Intoler-Art, was watching the crowd in Tokyo’s Harajuku, a designer approached him. “Would you like to model?” he asked.

Petra: Yeah, they’re awesome! I think I’m going to steal the idea, and just sew something similar, with those dinosaur spikes at the sides.
Lactose Intoler-Art: Hi Petra, thanks! They are actually two separate pieces. The shorts are by a Japanese brand called VEVEROPPARUUU (ベベロッパル in Japanese), and I just layered them over a pair of basic skinny black jeans. I’m glad you like them!
Petra: I love your pants, Brandon. Mind telling me the brand? :D


Tokyo Fashion and Music at POP 'N' CUTE

Apr 11 2012: The people of the Harajuku Fashion Walk organized the POP ‘N’ CUTE party on Feb 25. Kawaii fashion wrapped up in J-Rock and garnished with Harajuku art.

Kjeld Duits: @Roanne: Come and visit!
Roanne: From these photographs, the event looks like so much fun! :D I’m jealous.


Japanese Online Fashion Shopping

Apr 02 2012: Since last year May Japanese online fashion shopping site ZOZOTOWN ships abroad

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tragic angel: thank you so much! if only we could get Peach John, Alice auaa, and East Boy included…


9th Harajuku Fashion Walk

Mar 25 2012: The 9th Harajuku Fashion Walk took place today. JAPANESE STREETS was there

Stefanus: Hello Kjeld Duits, May ask permission to use your beautiful photos for my vlog video in Youtube. It is a hobby, you can see sample in Youtube qOt2CxlZig8. Thank you for your kindness. Stefanus Toha email:
Kjeld Duits: @Jasmin: Thanks!
Jasmin: love your blog! jasmin


banal chic bizarre A/W 2012

Mar 24 2012: A short video of the Autumn Winter 2012 collection of Japanese fashion brand banal chic bizarre.

banal chic bizarre

50 Awesome Harajuku Hats

Feb 13 2012: Japanese love their hats and Tokyo’s Harajuku is an absolute hat heaven. Fifty awesome hats, caps and berets for you to drool over

Ales23: Hi here, my favourites are 31, 39 and 40, because these ones are the most classic and I like these kinds of hats and caps. I just started looking into in Japanese fashion styles. I'm from Europe. Have a nice day, guys!
Jasmine: I like a lot of the hats. They’re so colourful and imaginative! I know my friend Kaitlyn and probably even Katlyn (there is a difference!) and Emma who is totally into hats.
KSENiA: love them all!!! 3 and 10 are “must have” for me; 7, 24 and 39 are adorable

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