By Kjeld Duits

Candy Colored Hairstyles

Jun 04 2013: Viva Cute Candy is a tiny hair salon, but it still manages to impact Harajuku fashion

Kjeld Duits: Yes, definitely an artist we want to succeed!
Juha: Hair art!
(: Monik :): I hope Iku will succeed :) This world definitely NEEDS more color! Go Iku! ^^

130601-3581 - Tokyo hair salon Viva Cute Candy

POP'NCUTE, always pop and cute

Jun 01 2013: POPNCUTE, Harajuku’s underground music, fashion and art event, spread some happiness earlier this month

Kjeld Duits: @MissMolly: Where do you live?
MissMolly: Aww this looks like so much fun. Wish there was such an active fashion scene where I live.


Tokyo's Gay Community Takes to the Street

May 31 2013: Tokyo’s LGBT Community tends to be hidden away and almost invisible. But on April 28, thousands took to the streets to protest for equal rights

Kjeld Duits: @emi: It is held annually. Maybe start saving so you can witness it in person next year, or the year after? If you put away just $4.25 every single day, you’d have enough money in two years. Extend your plan to three years, and you need to put away only $2.80 per day. A nice new goal, perhaps? ^^
emi: what an important cause for celebration! i love the energy and excitement present at this parade – it looks wild! wish i could’ve witnessed it in person. xx
Kjeld Duits: @Monik: Indeed!


Tokyo's Coolest Flea Market

May 30 2013: The L and R often give trouble to Japanese ears, and many people aren’t quite sure whether it’s the Yoyogi Free Market, or Flea Market. Either way, it’s the best market in Tokyo

tasha: Hi, can I use photo from your website to publish in other website?
ELee: Hi! I am from Singapore. Will there be flea market conducted in November at Shibuya? My family and I will be coming to Tokyo in mid November. Many thanks in advance. :)
Kjeld Duits: @Jacky: There is also a small flea market at FUKAGAWA GATHARIA on June 12 (10:00~16:00). Use Google Translate to understand the Japanese. Here is a map.


17th Harajuku Fashion Walk

May 27 2013: With temperatures slowly rising in Tokyo, the 17th Harajuku Fashion Walk took place yesterday

Kjeld Duits: @Deadly Bite: Thanks! Really glad you like this coverage. ^^
Deadly Bite: Everything is soooooooooooooo awesome!!! O There are so many incredible styles and so many familiar faces it would take me a lifetime to comment everything, so I’ll just say the first things that come to my mind in no particular order: -Risa looks amaaaazing in bright pink :D -Peke’s alien bag <33 -Kumamiki is back, and she’s wearing THAT yellow kimono OOO -Horie! I didn’t know her before, but she’s soooo cute! I have a new Harajuku idol :D -Japanese kids are too cute for this world :333 Oh, and I saw Ducky ( on the second group picture! :P Just like I said before: A-W-E-S-O-M-E :DDD
Kjeld Duits: お久しぶりです!名前の発音が「ドゥイツ・キエルト」です^^ HFWの写真で本当に幸せな気分になりますいね。次回はまた絶対HFWの撮影をして下さい。こちらこそまた会えるのを楽しみにしております。(そちらのアップ面白い)


Tokyo Fashion College Students Show Their Colors

May 24 2013: “Dress in red, purple or dots,” Bunka Fashion College asked its students last month. The students more than met the challenge

manos: Nice!!
Kjeld Duits: @María: Thanks, Maria! I always enjoy the Bunka events a lot. And they’re right next door, as well. ^^
María: I’m glad you had fun. Amazing shots as always ;)


Bright Colors in a Grey City

May 18 2013: On a very windy and cloudy day last month, I met up with Ugko, ET, HASSHY and Acha, four very colorful people!

Kjeld Duits: @Emma: Would love to see your sketches. ^^
Emma: The windy photos at the top look so dynamic… I’m itching to sketch them!
Kjeld Duits: @María: Each person baked cookies at home for this get together.


Stockings and Photographs

May 16 2013: Last month, French street photographer Aurelien Violet held a photo exhibition at trend setting tights shop MAM AVANTGARDE. Check out who we met there

Kjeld Duits: @Monik: That is AVANTGARDE manager Momo, shot by Aurelien Violet.
(: Monik :): The girl with mickey mouse tights shot is awesome. I like very much the background choise for this one. Despite the fact that her creation is mind-blowing, she definitely knows how to pose to make the shot somehow unusual :) And that in the end was brilliant captured :)
Kjeld Duits: @toybox: Yes, this was fun!

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