Bags with Character

Dec 17 2009: “We only use leather with character for our bags,” says bag creator Mitsuko Fujiwara.

Studio Style M.M: cooperation
Nao Okamura: They also have some silver accessories:)
Jini: i love some of the bags, but i’m not a fan of leather…


Japanese Make Over of Italian Oldie

Dec 10 2009: Japanese head-wear designer Yoshinori Nakamura has taken the Coppola, the traditional flat cap worn in Sicily, and given it Japanese playfulness and panache.

Nao Okamura: Thanks for your comments:) yes yes! I like the pink one too!! there are some other designs too for the pink one.
wowchicken: Ooooooooooo, I like the pink flat hat. It looks so chic <3 It does have a cozy feel to it! lol It’d be nice to go there.
Jini: oh~ nice :D i like the fabrics and prints he uses~ the shop looks cosy too, maybe because it’s that small? ^^


Everlasting Sprout Spring/Summer 2010 - Color Thief

Nov 12 2009: Japanese brand Everlasting Sprout is famed for its beautifully designed knitwear. Every season they manage to show a fairytale collection with new silhouettes, designs textures and colors. This season’s theme was Color Thief.

gesshoku: The knit skirt is amazing. I love yarns and textures. .
Jini: oooh waaah so pretty, i love colours :3 (def better that hisui D: so white >__<)

JFW S/S 2010: Everlasting Sprout - Stage

HISUI Spring/Summer 2010 - Turning Pure

Nov 12 2009: The last collection of Hisui was all about inventive shapes, mixed textures and color. It was quite a shock to find that the brand turned pure for its latest collection.

Jini: not liking it either…

JFW S/S 2010: Gut’s Dynamite Cabarets

Nov 12 2009: The Gut’s Dynamite Cabarets fashion show on October 23 was a disco, a drag ball and a fashion show in one. Keeping up with past traditions, Gut’s put on a show filled with drags, transvestites and a Madonna-impersonator all wearing tight, glittery underwear.

Jini: lol looks fun XD i like the sweater (?) that hideka is wearing in the first pic!


Nov 12 2009: The men-only brand IZREEL is known for its bold and daring men’s fashion and new prints. Inspired by the armor of Japanese samurai, the IZREEL S/S 2010 collection was called modern armor.

Jini: oh wow that’s art! really like the ‘armor’ for the arms ^^ and the mask D:

matohu S/S 2010 - Masterful Creations

Nov 12 2009: matohu creates masterful creations for modern urban fashion lovers inspired by ancient kimonos

matohu S/S 2010

JFW S/S 2010: Yuki Torii International

Nov 12 2009: For over 40 years, designer Yuki Torii has been a prominent name in the Japanese fashion industry. More due to her thoroughly elegant style than for being innovative.

Gari cohen: hello we will participate to a fashion show MODE IN FRANCE in tokyo from 12 to 14 january please sende me a e mail adress to send you our presentation and catalogue. best regads Gari Cohen
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