By Deanne Tonking

Bath Japanese Festival

Mar 31 2010: Japanese paper art, film and poetry head to the UK for the Bath Japanese Festival.

Alan Summers: Not quite sure why some text has a line through it? ;) But just want to say thanks for supporting the festival! ;) all my best, Alan
Alan Summers: It would be great wouldn’t it? ;) Maybe next year when the festival can be planned over a whole year unlike this first festival which came together within two months. ;) Thanks for promoting the festival! ;-) all my best, Alan
Kjeld Duits: Hi Alan, that would be incredibly cool! You should look into it; it would probably create an additional stream of income for the festival.

Bath Japanese Festival 2010

Hiromi Saito Brings Age-Old Kimonos into Your Daily Life

Mar 16 2010: Hiromi Saito, creator of the B.S.E.T.C range, takes treasured vintage kimono and turns them into stylish and contemporary accessories

B.S.E.T.C article pic

Tokyo "Hair Style"

Feb 18 2010: Ever wished you could instantly change your hairstyle? These funky accessories make it possible.

Kjeld Duits: Yeah, I just mentioned that to Deanne’s boyfriend. I wonder if they adopted it for the meaning “darling” or “little treasure.” But it is quite a surprise to find Dutch in a Japanese company name.
Jini: haha ‘schatje’ design? that’s a dutch word… any connection? or random coincidence? hmm i like the designs though! but i don’t think i would wear it…

Tokyo Hair Style

TokyoMade Market

Dec 16 2009: Japan-based creators share their latest fashion, accessories and art at the TokyoMade Market in Shibuya.

Jini: oh i see some amazing items, i really love markets~ and the tokyomade market has so much to offer too (:


6 Quirky Holiday Gifts from Japan

Dec 08 2009: Grab some fun gifts from Japan this holiday season.

wowchicken: I know!! I kibda want the ice bag holder, lol even though I don’t get sick that iften. Anywayz, the kawaii hat is too cute :)
Jini: hahaha amazing! i just love those japanese random items :D and actually i think the ear scope is quite interesting x;

quirky holiday gifts

MicroWorks Design Pt 2

Dec 01 2009: Lifestyle Design—the creation of everyday products with extra elements of comfort and style—is a huge trend in Japan. MicroWorks is a major player in this movement.

Jini: hey~ haven’t we seen those chopsticks before ? :D amazing how everyday products can become art :3
wowchicken: I like how JS interviews many ppl, and I get to learn hands-on about japanese fashion and culture :)


MicroWorks Design Pt 1

Nov 24 2009: Digging around with one of Tokyo’s freshest contemporary creators we find that things are pretty down to Earth.

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Jini: oh wow those are some creative works!! love the salt/pepper set with the notes as wholes :D


Couple Jam Part 2

Nov 10 2009: Tokyo based Photographer Hal keeps the creativity flowing this week in part 2 of the Couple Jam interview.

genro: I love it (_)
Jini: oi~ love the tip! this guy has mad skills C: love the pictures
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