New book by Aoki: Fresh Fruits

Fresh Fruits, a new book by Japanese street fashion photographer Shoichi Aoki now on sale!

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Fresh FruitsPresented in an identical format to Phaidon’s previous Fruits, published in 2001, Fresh Fruits is a collection of Tokyo teenage street fashion portraits selected from Japan’s premier street fanzine of the same title.

Published every month by Shoichi Aoki, who is also the sole photographer for the magazine, Fruits was established in 1994 as a project to document the growing explosion in street fashion within the suburbs of Tokyo.

Over the last decade the magazine has grown to cult status and is now avidly followed by thousands of Japanese teenagers who also use the magazine as an opportunity to check out the latest styles and trends.

The average age of those kids featured in the magazine is between 12 and 18 years old. Most of the clothes that they wear are a combination of high fashion–Vivienne Westwood is a keen favorite–and homemade ensembles which when combined together create a novel if not hysterical combination.

This latest publication of the best of Fruits will follow the original Phaidon publication by including translations of the various Japanese captions that were originally attached to the photographs that list the name, age and clothing of each person photographed.

The book will be on sale from June 1, 2005. You can guarantee yourself a copy and pre-order now at

Kjeld Duits About the Author

Inspired by the stunningly creative street fashion that exploded on the streets of Tokyo and Osaka in the late 1990’s, photo-journalist Kjeld Duits launched JAPANESE STREETS in 2002. This makes JS one of the first fashion blogs on the net, and the very first to cover Japanese street fashion.

Recent articles by Kjeld Duits:

Comment (日本語もOK)

I loved his last book and really look forward to the next one!
Kjeld Duits (author)
Mar 30, 2005 (6149 days ago)
i reallly cannot wait too see this book. i own the “fruits” book..which is amazing and i did an art project on it! cannot wait to buy it..
Jun 20, 2005 (6067 days ago)
fruits is a rubbish book.
Aug 7, 2005 (6018 days ago)
i love fruits.
chanarong promrak
Sep 14, 2005 (5981 days ago)
i have fruits and fresh fruits and there both amazing if it wasnt for them i would never have gone on this website.and this website is ace and so is fruits,wetdog is crazy
laura . c
Oct 19, 2005 (5946 days ago)
i’ve seen fruits and it has the most absolutley amazing photos! keep ‘em coming.
tash . t
Nov 2, 2005 (5932 days ago)
Nov 8, 2005 (5926 days ago)
laura . c
Dec 3, 2005 (5901 days ago)
I purchased Fresh Fruits in Seattle and i adore it! Each page is more fabulous then the next!

ella x
Dec 5, 2005 (5899 days ago)
Better accept it. I’m a fruit!!! XDXDXD
Dec 31, 2005 (5873 days ago)
hey i love this book it is my fashion bible
reneee look i love this stuff
Feb 26, 2006 (5816 days ago)
I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! i’m constantly looking at it, i adore the creativity of the people in the book. it’s style not fashion, it kicks ass!~

...and gwen stefani sucks at portraying jstreet fashion, she is such a poser :P
Mar 28, 2006 (5786 days ago)
I finally got this after look through my friend’s over the summer.

This book rocks!
May 1, 2006 (5752 days ago)
I bought Freshfruits in Tate modern in London, and it’s truely fantastic :)
May 24, 2006 (5729 days ago)
i loved the book! such inspiration
Jun 29, 2006 (5693 days ago)
I was so going to buy this in an art gallery gift shop i went to yesterday but i dind’‘t have enough money! >< Needless to say i was in a strop for the rest of the day lol
Cant wait to buy a copy, it looked amazing!
Jul 20, 2006 (5672 days ago)
This book is amazing! I’ve always loved FRUiTS [the magazine] but it’s so hard to get in the States D: I found this book at Borders, and feel in love!
Definate must for ALL fans of Japanese fashion, whether decora, lolita, or street :3
Jul 27, 2006 (5665 days ago)

amazing! changes my views forever xD

Nov 11, 2006 (5557 days ago)

I only have the postcard collection of the best ones but still I love it! And I love Japan, always have.
I looked through the books, they had them in a shop in France when I went and I loved them but couldn’t buy them, then I got home and couldn’t find them in any shops!! The world is cruel lol.
You MUST buy them they’re such an inspiration :)

Jan 12, 2007 (5496 days ago)

I have fresh Fruits book. I love it and would REALLY love the same fashion sense however in Belfast…You would i repeat WOULD get shot!!! :(

Rachael Anderson
Jan 18, 2007 (5490 days ago)

I love fruits! i spent hours @ the book store staring in awe at the colorful fashions. These books are great and im trying to recreate this fashion into my own life

Jan 20, 2007 (5488 days ago)

Fresh Fruits ROCKS , doing a project on it at the mo , OUTTA THIS WORLD !!!! :P

Mar 13, 2007 (5436 days ago)

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