Traditional Japanese Colors - Purples


The resurgent popularity of kimono has given traditional Japanese colors new life. They are absolutely magnificent. Here is a list

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A list of traditional Japanese purples, and related colors.

  1. Shioniro (紫苑色) #867ba9
  2. Shirafujiiro (白藤色) #dbd0e6
  3. Fujimurasaki (藤紫) #a59aca
  4. Sumireiro (菫色) #7058a3
  5. Aomurasaki (青紫) #674598
  6. Shoubuiro (菖蒲色) #674196
  7. RIndouiro (竜胆色) #9079ad
  8. Edomurasaki (江戸紫) #745399
  9. Honmurasaki (本紫) #65318e
  10. Budouiro ( 葡萄色) #522f60
  11. Fukamurasaki (深紫) #493759
  12. Shikoku (紫黒) #2e2930
  13. Murasaki (紫) #884898
  14. Usubudou (薄葡萄) #c0a2c7
  15. Shikon (紫紺) #460e44
  16. Ankoushoku (暗紅色) #74325c
  17. Kuwanomiiro (桑の実色) #55295b
  18. odaimurasaki (古代紫) #895b8a
  19. Nasukon (茄子紺) #824880
  20. Futaai (二藍) #915c8b
  21. Kyoumurasaki (京紫) #9d5b8b
  22. Ebizome (蒲葡) #7a4171
  23. Wakamurasaki (若紫) #bc64a4
  24. Benimurasaki (紅紫) #b44c97
  25. Umemurasaki (梅紫) #aa4c8f
  26. Ayameiro (菖蒲色) #cc7eb1
  27. Benifujiiro (紅藤色) #cca6bf
  28. Asamurasaki (浅紫) #c4a3bf
  29. Murasakisuishou (紫水晶) #e7e7eb
  30. Usuumenezu (薄梅鼠) #dcd6d9
  31. Akatsukinezu (暁鼠) #d3cfd9
  32. Botannezu (牡丹鼠) #d3ccd6
  33. Kasumiiro (霞色) #c8c2c6
  34. Fujinezu (藤鼠) #a6a5c4
  35. Hashitairo (半色) #a69abd
  36. Usuiro (薄色) #a89dac
  37. Usunezu (薄鼠) #9790a4
  38. Hatobanezumi (鳩羽鼠) #9e8b8e
  39. Hatobairo (鳩羽色) #95859c
  40. Kikyounezu (桔梗鼠) #95949a
  41. Murasakinezu (紫鼠) #71686c
  42. Budounezumi (葡萄鼠) #705b67
  43. Kokiiro (濃色) #634950
  44. Murasakitobi (紫鳶) #5f414b
  45. Koinezu (濃鼠) #4f455c
  46. Fujisusutake (藤煤竹) #5a5359
  47. Keshimurasaki (滅紫) #594255
  48. Benikeshinezumi (紅消鼠) #524748
  49. Nisemurasaki (似せ紫) #513743

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Source for the colors: 日本の伝統色465色の色名と16進数

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Comment (日本語もOK)

Wonderful list! I love that you included the hexadecimal values for the murasaki colors, as well.

One thing- I couldn’t find “asaki murasaki” on the list. Is it not making a resurgence, or is it just translated a different way? :? It’s a bit similar to ayame-iro, but I recall it being a different shade.

May 2, 2010 (4604 days ago)

@SnowFoxCreations: Thank you. I must admit that I am not familiar with Asaki Murasaki. I couldn’t find it in the dictionary, and found just one reliable looking source on the internet. It looks like Benimurasaki (紅紫) to me.

Kjeld Duits (author)
May 2, 2010 (4604 days ago)

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