JAPANESE STREETS 3.0 — What's New?


Welcome to JAPANESE STREETS 3.0. The site has been completely redesigned and we will also update far more often than in the past. What is new?

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Most obvious, the site is wider, uncluttered and much easier to use.

What else we improved:

Front Page — Now you can see all the new photos (street and fashion shows!), the latest articles and new comments on the front page.

Huge Photos — Photos on the front page are more than 130% larger than the ones in the photo-archive (previously the largest on the site).

Info on Photo — Hover over a large photo on the front page and instantly see the brand data.

Photo Clusters — Click on the photo and see most of the photos for that person on a single page. All the details of each look together.

Quick Search — Search for photos of girls, guys, street style or fashion shows straight from the front page.

Blog View or List View — This is probably the most exciting. See the images in blog view or list view. You can switch between the two views and the site will only show the images that you selected in the new view.

Latest Colors — Another really cool addition. For each image we select the main color accent of the look. This is shown next to the date. On the front page you will see the colors of the last 20 people so you can see which colors are popular.

Daily Updates by Feed or E-MailJAPANESE STREETS signed up with feedburner. You can now get a single feed for the whole site and also sign up for daily e-mail updates.

Use the rss button and the e-mail form in the right column to subscribe now.

Top Menu — The top menu has changed. The order has changed and what used to be photos, is now the photo-archive

And of course, there are lots of small changes that make the site much easier to use. Like the bigger search box, now prominently located in the top of the right column. And just two wide columns instead of three narrow ones.

When you dig deeper into the site, you will find more changes.

Expect more new features to be added throughout 2010!


As you will notice, the photo forum is not part of JS anymore. After serving us well for more than seven years, it is time to move to new software, better suited to the needs of today. The new photo forum will start later this year. It will feature a totally new system and structure, so photos and members will not be moved.

You can still access the photo forum directly by going to this link. Be sure to bookmark it, so you can access your photos and online friends.

Kjeld Duits About the Author

Inspired by the stunningly creative street fashion that exploded on the streets of Tokyo and Osaka in the late 1990’s, photo-journalist Kjeld Duits launched JAPANESE STREETS in 2002. This makes JS one of the first fashion blogs on the net, and the very first to cover Japanese street fashion.

Recent articles by Kjeld Duits:

Comment (日本語もOK)

ooooooh i reaaally love the new lay-out!! huge photos!! bigger layout! search aaah i love all the new features (: i think it was a really good decision to change ! :3

but one thing, whenever i open japanese streets i get a message that i need to login…

Feb 14, 2010 (4670 days ago)

Thanks for the nice words, Jini! Glad you like the new site.

Really strange about the login message. On which pages do you get that message?

Can you also tell me which browser you’re using, and what version?

Kjeld Duits (author)
Feb 14, 2010 (4670 days ago)

Hey, I really like this new site design. Bigger pics are great, and looking forward to the daily updates. Continued success! :)


Toronto Street Style
Feb 14, 2010 (4670 days ago)

@Kjeld; well it was in blog section, but i’m not getting the login message any more, i use firefox btw

Feb 14, 2010 (4670 days ago)

Jini, thanks. Thanks to you and one more commenter I was able to locate the problem and fix it.

Kjeld Duits (author)
Feb 14, 2010 (4670 days ago)

I love love love the new design! awesome!

Feb 16, 2010 (4668 days ago)

Thanks, aragornital! After all the work, it is wonderful to hear that the design appeals to so many people.

Kjeld Duits (author)
Feb 16, 2010 (4668 days ago)

I LUV it <3 Its really easier to navigate. Thanx for changing it up :)

Feb 20, 2010 (4664 days ago)

Thanks, wowchicken! Appreciate your nice words.

Kjeld Duits (author)
Feb 20, 2010 (4664 days ago)

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