Chameleon Bag

Endless Bag

Some of my friends have closets full of bags. But they still buy more because none fit the new clothes they just bought. Now there is a chameleon bag, change colors any way you like.

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Amusingly named UPTIGHT Co. has created what they call the Endless Bag. They offer strips that can be zipped together to create a bag. Combine two strips and you have a cute toilet bag, combine six and you’re ready for some serious hauling.

Endless Bag

Endless Bag strips come in 20 different colors made of canvas, felt or enamel. UPTIGHT Co. used to offer nylon strips as well but these are currently all sold out. Each bag also comes with a convenient small pouch that can be easily attached inside the bag.

Endless Bag

The Endless Bag strips can be bought online, and the company accepts orders from abroad. They even have English on their website, kind of a rarity in Japan. The English—like the name of the company—is a bit peculiar. How about this for a description: It is finally a sale of the new work and Rayardobagg after an interval of SACRASAC about two years. Kind of cryptic…

But, it makes your shopping trip only that much more fun!

Address: 4-3-27-804 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 150-0002
Phone: (+81) (0)3-3498-5170
Fax: (+81) (0)3-3498-5176
E-mail: mail [AT] sacrasac [DOT] com

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Comment (日本語もOK)

That is so awesome!!! i want to buy one!

Jun 2, 2009 (4874 days ago)

Hi Joeyoeyannanna, you can buy them online. (^O^)/

Kjeld Duits (author)
Jun 2, 2009 (4874 days ago)

Yeah i looked! thats awesome!!! but its too expensive! lol i usually only buy things if they’re on sale hahaha

Jun 2, 2009 (4874 days ago)

I am like that, too! Love a bargain.

Kjeld Duits (author)
Jun 2, 2009 (4874 days ago)

they already had something like this here in the us since like 2 years ago

Jul 10, 2009 (4837 days ago)

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