The coolest store no one knows of

Ever heard of Bedrock? No? Well, its only one of the coolest stores in Tokyo. There’s a rumor that it lies down a spiral staircase that can only be accessed through the back of a café at the lower end of Omotesando Hills…

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“There is a pretty cool store underneath Omotesando Hills” is what I`d heard. But I have been in this industry for 4 years and thought I had a pretty good grip on all of the best boutiques in the Tokyo Metropolitan area-and I have been into Omotesando hills enough times to know what was in there.

The Forbidden Fruits Café. Anyone who has walked past the Hills have noticed it- It has a sign which looks kind of groovy- think the “Austin Powers” title- and the interior is an ominously glowing orange and the bar is always empty. I have passed there myself numerous times and always wondered how they stay in business if no one- including any staff- is there to actually induce any commerce?

bedrock tokyo shop

So I finally step in one afternoon when I had a few minutes to spare. There it was; a doorway in the back…and a spiral staircase that descends down to “Bedrock”, the name of the store with no sign (I had to ask the staff what the name of the place was when I left).

The shop is quite amazing..cages and chandeliers hang in what seems like a cave or dungeon. The display racks are made of wood and chains, feathers and velvet lie about. The most amazing part is in the back where an atrium houses tropical plants that are stuffed in like the Amazon.

The brands are equally cool..”If Six Was Nine” is consisted of prints on super microfiber cotton shirts and dresses. There was one that was pink and looked like muscle tendons stretched across the dress. They also have the tanktops with angel wings made famous by L’Arc ~en~Ciel’s Hyde in his solo ventures.

bedrock tokyo shop

The namesake “Bedrock” is a bit more sexy rock with lingerie and leather jackets. There are also select items from Olivier Theyskens (Nina Ricci), Galliano, and some wild shoes made of wood with giant bolts or nails as heels.

The only bad thing is photography is not allowed and they never advertise in magazines. Their products don’t even APPEAR in magazines. So you can feel a little bit more in the scene just by knowing about it. Prices are even within reach (my tendon dress is about $250). There are a few other shops in the city that are as equally alluding.

bedrock tokyo shop

Even the staff said that most people don’t know about the make it a plan to try and treasure hunt these places out the next time you’re in the mood for some juice in Tokyo.

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Comment (日本語もOK)

wow, that sounds interesting!

snoop dogg clothing
Jul 20, 2008 (5696 days ago)

I’ve gotta visit that one. ;D

Jul 21, 2008 (5694 days ago)

Great find, Misha! I’ll be visiting on my next trip to Tokyo.

Kjeld Duits
Jul 24, 2008 (5692 days ago)

que buena propuesta para encontrar en un viaje a estas tierras lejanas son tesoros escondidos por lo que puedo apreciar!

Aug 1, 2008 (5684 days ago)

i like japanese style. they had a different fashion than any country in all the world. i wish i can go to japan…..

Aug 8, 2008 (5677 days ago)

They have a sister store in LA, so those customers visit the Omotesando shop when in Tokyo. Also have a sister shop CIRCUS in Ebisu and another shop Le Grand Bleu in Azabu. Their website:

I am covering them in our upcoming Harajuku audio tour

Max Hodges
Sep 26, 2008 (5628 days ago)

thanks for telling me about this store Misha!

Max Hodges
Sep 26, 2008 (5628 days ago)

yes, one of the coolest stores in the world, i’d say. i’m glad people are finally finding it.

Oct 10, 2008 (5613 days ago)

do you suppose they are still open? I know how boutiques like to die out as quickly as they are brought in…

Apr 18, 2009 (5424 days ago)

are these stores/cafes still open? on google it says theyre all permanently closed, if so thats a shame and do you know if they have been replaced by another physical store? or are all circus by maniac products strictly online now

Aug 14, 2023 (193 days ago)

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