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Style: Fairy Kei

Kumamiki celebrating Halloween in Tokyo’s Shibuya on October 30, 2011

111030-5750: Halloween in Shibuya, Tokyo
Tuesday November 1, 2011
jennifer: KAWAII!!! love the costume ;)
Kjeld Duits: @Shinomi: Yes, I love those shoes, too. Really wanted a good shot of them and photographed them both inside and outside the club.
Kjeld Duits: @Maria: I guess Kumamiki was in party-mode last Sunday, so perhaps that made her look sexier. Yes, she was busily promoting her stuff. There was even a display of her creations. I am thinking about selling some on JS. Curious if there’s interest.


We photographed Mana at the Christian Dada show during the S/S 2012 collections of the Japan Fashion Week.

Saturday October 29, 2011
Elisa: So the animal it’s fake and that’s what i wanted to know, thank you. If it wasn’t fake, ask to the animal if he wants “his skin” on “her nek”. Speciesism they call it.
Kjeld Duits: @Elisa: Mana is a woman, so it’s “her neck.” The fur is an authentic antique piece. Antique and fake furs are very popular recently.
Elisa: ¿The animal in his nek is real?

Spring/Summer 2012 Collection of Japanese fashion brand G.V.G.V. on October 17, 2011, during the Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo.

111017-6903: G.V.G.V. S/S 2012
Tuesday October 18, 2011
SofiaAmbrosia: very impressive – love the animal prints mixed with tropical prints and the sunglasses are great!
Maria: Very americana. I like the pastels and wild patterns! While watching the shots I thought of CL from 2NE1 n_n’‘

Spring/Summer 2012 Collection of Japanese fashion brand YUMA KOSHINO on October 17, 2011, during the Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo.

111017-5240: YUMA KOSHINO S/S 2012
Monday October 17, 2011
Maria: I have seen colorful necklace chains thousands of times in japanese street shots, but Koshino turn them in chick colorful necklace chains n_n Nice colection. Some of the pieces reminded me of Benetton. But Koshino is better ;D
Rae: Love this collection! Gorgeous prints and looks like the clothes would be flattering for non-models too.