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Saturday June 5, 2010

Yuki Amano

nakazakicho, osaka
SPRING 2010,
Kjeld Duits


Jacket – Buyer Too!
Skirt – Comme des Garçons
Boots – Jean Paul Gaultier

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Skirt – Comme des Garçons – JPY 2,500


Jacket – Buyer Too! – JPY 15,000


Hair – Voce (Osaka) – JPY 3,500


Bag – N/A – JPY 1,000


Phone – iPhone – JPY 0


T-Shirt – UNIQLO (UT – Evangelion) – PY 1,500 | Boots – Jean Paul Gaultier – JPY 1,500

Kjeld Duits About the Photographer

Inspired by the stunningly creative street fashion that exploded on the streets of Tokyo and Osaka in the late 1990’s, photo-journalist Kjeld Duits launched JAPANESE STREETS in 2002. This makes JS one of the first fashion blogs on the net, and the very first to cover Japanese street fashion.

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Comment (日本語もOK)

Il revient en elle dans un bruissement de cheveux… son regard masqué me tait.

Jun 6, 2010 (4566 days ago)

maybe i’m baka..but is really weird for a guy to wear those clothes =.=
but anyway..i like his t-shirt ^^

Jun 26, 2010 (4547 days ago)

Malice raises a very interesting point here. I would love to see a discussion about this. Do you agree? Disagree? Why? Who decides such things anyway?

What is your opinion?

Kjeld Duits (photographer)
Jun 26, 2010 (4547 days ago)

I think it’s very narrowminded to think that only women are somehow “allowed” to wear skirts or even dresses. Skirts etc. can be designed to look very masculin as well, and don’t you think it’s also unfair? —> Women deliberated themselves around 80 years ago and started really wearing trousers.
Men seem to have also forgotten that in history also men wore skirts&dresses! Think of the Greek, the Romans, medieval ages (tunics on top of narrow tights), Scottish kilts etc.
Personally I love it when someone shows their personality in dressing (and it doesn’t necessarily mean same as extravagant) and that goes for Yuki Amano-San here as well. Good for him!

Jun 26, 2010 (4547 days ago)

I think there should be no bounds on creativity, Yuki has made a pretty unique look here! Malice, I guarantee there are people that think a lack of said creativity is weird, I am one of those people. I think Yuki looks fantastic!

Rhys Merritt
Jun 26, 2010 (4547 days ago)

hmm..somehow I agree with you Chip,it’s narrowminded to think that only women can wear skirts or dresses..women also wear pants and male shoes which were allowed only for men in 16th-17th century..
but i think dresses and skirts are very female..but there is japan and they are really different and unique xD and if he can wear a skirts in a male way it’s good :))
and at last,i still like only his t-shirt :)

Jun 26, 2010 (4547 days ago)

I don’t think it’s weird – i think it looks really cool actually, and follows the mood of the outfit. People should be able to wear whatever they want, in the way they feel they can express themselves the best.

Jun 26, 2010 (4547 days ago)

I don’t think it’s weird at all. As long as it looks good, who cares?
If you see Comme des Garcons new Men’s collection, there are many skirts and dresses made especifically for men. Personally, the only thing I didn’t like about this style( from the picture) is his hair.It covers his face too much!

Jun 26, 2010 (4547 days ago)

I wouldn’t say “weird” i mean, ‘course it’s pretty uncommon but not that much.(Like Kjeld pointed out) On the other hand he’s not even wearing only a skirt like the Scottish’d do, but i can see like a trousers-some down there. He’s just creative. IMHO it’s all about “who” and “how” wears something, not “what” by itself. And it looks good on him.

Jun 26, 2010 (4547 days ago)

Malice, this is something totally different from pop culture or status quo; Leave it alone. Trust me. If the guys like to wear dresses and feels comfortable in dresses then let it be. Maybe, he is gay, bi, or a cross-dresser; either way, it’s his lifestyle choice and enough is said. Conscientious mediator. Buddha’s name be praised.

Dwight Middleton
Jul 1, 2010 (4541 days ago)

Thanks for all the great input. I learn a lot from the different viewpoints and I respect everybody’s opinion. It’s really good to see that a discussion like this takes place on JS. As a footnote to Dwight’s comment, as far as I know Yuki is straight and his clothing is not an expression of his sexual preference. This is just his fashion style.

Kjeld Duits (photographer)
Jul 1, 2010 (4541 days ago)

I figured he was a goth type or cross-dresser. These type of individuals aren’t latent homosexuals or bi-sexuals. No big deal to me, I am into woman! LOL! No problem!! どぞお!

Dwight Middleton
Jul 1, 2010 (4541 days ago)

@Dwight: I am only interested in the opposite sex myself as well. But lots of people thought otherwise over the years; has caused me quite some trouble…

Kjeld Duits (photographer)
Jul 1, 2010 (4541 days ago)

Men wore Dresses and Skirts in the past before organized religion said to them to wear pants. So maybe it kind of a take back in traditional culture. Love the outfit by the way. More power to you.

Jul 1, 2010 (4541 days ago)

and so the man-skirt lives on! I haven’t seen one of those in a while. I like his haircut it kinda reminds me of Kurt Colbain for some reason, haha cool!

Jul 13, 2010 (4530 days ago)

wow i love his bold style. he’s dare to be a trendsetter. not a follower :]

dyna bada
Oct 14, 2010 (4436 days ago)

I think he looks fascinating, the only thing that just TOTALLY threw me off was his nails…. but other than that, he’s beautiful.

Nov 4, 2010 (4415 days ago)

I know i’m like, half a year late to comment on this, but I will anyway.
Here’s the thing: Yuki looks cool. He’s expressing his style in a way that lets you know that he’s hella comfortable in his own skin. Cuz for a guy to wear something like this, it takes a LOT of confidence, no matter WHAT sexuality a guy is. I mean, even a guy who wasn’t straight would have to be really comfortable in his own skin.
I think the only anyone would find a problem with this would not be because he’s wearing a skirt, but what his wearing a skirt implies. He looks very feminine, especially with the long wig. If you knew that he was a guy, would you think he was straight based on looking at him? At least as a foreigner, when I look at him, he doesn’t appear straight to me. I don’t know if people in Japan see things differently, but even when I see pictures of Japanese guys from various sites and sources, the majority of them are not wearing skirts. So I don’t think the way he’s dressing is wrong at all, especially when you consider the fact that human beings base right or wrong on one’s own personal ethics, and every human perceives things that are right/wrong different.

Nov 15, 2010 (4404 days ago)

@Destiny: lol the only thing that threw you off was his nails?
lol, that’s so amusing to me….

Nov 15, 2010 (4404 days ago)

SO attractive. His dress suits him and his face is just stunning to look upon.

Dec 19, 2011 (4006 days ago)

And then Andrej Pejic became a model, and people started to discuss about gender – again. I love this fact, because, well, it is important to talk about this kind of things. Just a personal thought by a very angry girl.
Actually I think that everybody can dress up in the way they want. But the problem is: if it isn’t a problem for a girl to wear boy’s clothes, why is it strange the opposite? So it’s implied that girls are lower than guys, isn’t it?

Jun 22, 2012 (3820 days ago)

@Nene: “So it’s implied that girls are lower than guys, isn’t it?” — Interesting interpretation. I thought that it meant that men were as yet not as liberated as women…

Kjeld Duits (photographer)
Jun 22, 2012 (3819 days ago)

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