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Tuesday April 6, 2010


roppongi, tokyo
SPRING 2010,


Coat – N/A
Dress – N/A
Shoes – OLD HAT

Visitor to the araisara show at the Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo

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Coat – N/A (flea-market) – JPY 750 | Dress – N/A – 2,000


T-Shirt – N/A (used) – JPY 2,000 | Muffler – N/A – N/A | Phone – DoCoMo – N/A


Hair – (self cut) – JPY 0


Bag – FREITAGJPY 30,000


Shoes – OLD HATJPY 35,000 | Socks – Maruco Mondo – JPY 2,500

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Comment (日本語もOK)

I love everything here.

Apr 7, 2010 (4989 days ago)

Me too, Richelle. Especially the short hair. Looks good on her.

Kjeld Duits
Apr 7, 2010 (4989 days ago)

there’s something really tranquil, almost spiritual about this look. It’s great! =}

Yah Rah
Apr 7, 2010 (4989 days ago)

@Yah Rah: Maybe because of the hairstyle and the subdued color palette?

Kjeld Duits
Apr 7, 2010 (4989 days ago)

I love the socks too, and of course the hair. Really interesting look for sure. I love that you guys always include the phones. Thanks for that!

Lactose Intoler-Art
Apr 8, 2010 (4988 days ago)

@Lactose Intoler-Art: Thanks! You know, I actually started that many years ago after I was abroad and needed a cellphone. The choice was so limited, it was painful. It made me realize how incredible the choice was in Japan. The iPhone is slowly taking over though, it’s everywhere, and I haven’t yet seen Japanese companies come up with a good response…

Kjeld Duits
Apr 8, 2010 (4988 days ago)

@Richelle, Yah Rah, Lactose Intoler-Art: Thank your very much for all the comments! To be honest, I have no idea how to describe her style since it is not simply about fashion but it is more about her spiritual world in the words of Yah Rah.. and a big fat YES for the socks and her hair-style!

Marie Sasago
Apr 8, 2010 (4987 days ago)

yeh, she is lovely!!
and about the phones.. the pics of them make me jealous haha, coz i cant get such pretty phones in here T-T
& im surprised V-phones are so popular

Apr 12, 2010 (4984 days ago)

@ojisanbaka: I think that the majority of keitai (Japanese for cellphones) are V-phones.

Kjeld Duits
Apr 12, 2010 (4984 days ago)

beautiful style!

Apr 14, 2010 (4982 days ago)

love her styleeee..its brilliant!!
check out some New York street fashion on my blog.. i promise u’ll love it

prutha Raithatha
Apr 14, 2010 (4982 days ago)

@prutha: Love your blog; it’s very eclectic. Is your architectural design like that, too?

Kjeld Duits
Apr 14, 2010 (4981 days ago)

@CROATOR.NET: Saw Croatian street style for the first time after visiting your site. I noticed that were lots of Japanese influences in the images posted under fetish. Are those exceptions, or does Japan play that big a role?

Kjeld Duits
Apr 14, 2010 (4981 days ago)

I noticed she was featured on Ridsnap recently. She gave a different name (but I’m fairly sure it’s her as confirmed by the placement of her freckles XD) She went for a completely different style here but she still looks great.

May 13, 2010 (4953 days ago)

@Arc: I am not sure. I love those photos, though.

Kjeld Duits
May 13, 2010 (4953 days ago)

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