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Saturday July 12, 2014

Suzuki (Conny)

harajuku, tokyo
SUMMER 2014,
Kjeld Duits

Marketing Assistant

Sweater – LAND’S END
T-Shirt – Black Means
Skirt – N/A
Shoes – N/A

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Hat – N/A – (present) | Hair – Valentine (Harajuku) – JPY 5,000

Hat – N/A – (present) | Hair – Valentine (Harajuku) – JPY 5,000
Sweater – LAND’S ENDJPY 4,000 | T-Shirt – Black Means – JPY 10,000

Sweater – LAND’S ENDJPY 4,000 | T-Shirt – Black Means – JPY 10,000

Sweater – LAND’S ENDJPY 4,000 | T-Shirt – Black Means – JPY 10,000 | Skirt – N/A – JPY 2,000 | Pants – BUBBLESJPY 7,000

Skirt – N/A – JPY 2,000 | Pants – BUBBLESJPY 7,000 | Shoes – N/A – JPY 7,000

Shoes – N/A – JPY 7,000

Listening to Chara: Kieru

Kjeld Duits About the Photographer

Inspired by the stunningly creative street fashion that exploded on the streets of Tokyo and Osaka in the late 1990’s, photo-journalist Kjeld Duits launched JAPANESE STREETS in 2002. This makes JS one of the first fashion blogs on the net, and the very first to cover Japanese street fashion.

Recent photos by Kjeld Duits:

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Comment (日本語もOK)

She looks so good! I visualized myself in those clothes and I wouldn’t look that good
(=*ェ*=) I wish I was creative like her <3

Jul 26, 2014 (3413 days ago)

@Anis: Conny is quite creative with her style. She herself cut the holes into the sweater.

Kjeld Duits (photographer)
Jul 26, 2014 (3413 days ago)

Well, as I see the combination of black + red + white seems to be kind of new Tokyo-streets-star, isn’t it? :) I LOVE IT!

Three colors and so many options again! Absolutely masterpiece how Suzuki combined light and heavy fabrics of her pants and skirt. Moreover she used “heavy-like” shoes and feathers in her earrings… INCREDIBLE sense of contrast, in many ways!

I have to say, there is something unique in her eyes what corresponds perfect with that hat and “glasses” :)

I love her face on 5th shot! With that pose and sushi in her hand that shot looks like a ready-to-eat invitation for anyone who’s hungry haha! :)

I adore the 4th shot again – perfect composition and capturing of moment! I love the light on her right shoulder opening the shot, and that space you left on the right side of that one to give it a little breath before someone ends to read the story… Such tasty masterpiece – in so many ways! :)

Bye the way – is it me or you add much less pics on JS lately? :( Are you busy with something Mr. Duits? Some time ago you added much more, what happend? Or is it only my impression?

:) Monik (:
Jul 28, 2014 (3411 days ago)

@Monik: Thanks again for the amazing take on my images. I actually learn from that because it forces me too look again at my won work. ^_-

You are right about there having been fewer uploads. Earlier this year I had some trouble with my health, and then from late May I became incredibly busy with a few large projects. I still have over a thousand photographs or so to upload and am working on that now. Hope to be back to normal soon!

Kjeld Duits (photographer)
Jul 28, 2014 (3411 days ago)

“I actually learn from that because it forces me too look again” – well, I hope it will give you some inspiration (maybe?) and yet MORE encouragement to be back in full, perfect shape to run JS like before Mr. Duits!

I sincerely hope everything is better with your health and from now on you will be alright in no time :)

But this year seems to be pretty impish, to think of it… Few of my friends had problems as well and I had two bicycle accidents myself :( Not to mention I still cure my knees in more colors from wounds and such than anyone ever saw on JS… O.o

Well, we will all cross our fingers for you Mr. Duits! ^^ But since I read that you have really a lot of material – looks like JS will get back to it previous shape as well, sin’t it? ^^

:) Monik (:
Jul 28, 2014 (3411 days ago)

@Monik: Yes, overwhelmingly many photos to upload! Hope your knees get back to normal soon. ^^

Kjeld Duits (photographer)
Jul 28, 2014 (3411 days ago)

Awww Anis, I’m sure you would look great in this outfit or an outfit like it. And don’t worry, I bet you could be just as creative as Conny one day! You can keep looking at fashion pictures for little ideas and stuff :)

Jul 28, 2014 (3411 days ago)

Thank you very much MooMoo \(o)/ I send you a big hug! u.u I really hope so… but her creative levels are very high mine are very average xd. =)

Jul 31, 2014 (3408 days ago)

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