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Sunday February 3, 2013

Kuma Moriya

harajuku, tokyo
WINTER 2013,


Muffler – SPINNS
Cardigan (Pyjamas Top) – N/A
Blouse – N/A
Skirt – N/A
Skirt – N/A
Socks – N/A
Shoes – LIZ LISA

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The batch attached to the strawberry pouch features
an illustration created by Kuma herself ^^


Hair – (self) – JPY 0 | Muffler – SPINNSJPY 990 | Wand – N/A – JPY 100


Wand – N/A – JPY 100 | Cardigan (Pyjamas Top) – N/A – JPY 1,600 | Blouse – N/A – JPY 600


Bag – SWIMMERJPY 2,500


Socks – N/A – JPY 100 | Shoes – LIZ LISA – (sister’s)


Skirt – N/A – JPY 1,000

Listening to Maya Sakamoto: Hikari Are (光あれ, Let There Be Light)

These photos were shot at the 14th Harajuku Fashion Walk

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Comment (日本語もOK)

I love the mix of pastels in her outfit. I especially like the layered tights and socks with her heels. Her backpack is adorable. ^^

Feb 3, 2013 (3962 days ago)

@Amber very true! I also love the soft pink hues in her hair. The top the outfit off nicely.

Feb 3, 2013 (3962 days ago)

Gorgeous. That’s all.

Feb 4, 2013 (3960 days ago)

@All: I really admire it when someone manages to make so many colors match up.

Kjeld Duits
Feb 14, 2013 (3951 days ago)

Her swimmer bag is so cute! If I“m ever a housewife I want to be the kind who dresses like that!

Feb 18, 2013 (3947 days ago)

@Lilli: I’ll come and shoot you. ^^

Kjeld Duits
Feb 18, 2013 (3947 days ago)

I love the combination of multiple pastel colours with brighter elements like the scarf and the bag. And her hair looks totally perfect in the mix ^^

BTW, does she do ballet or something? Because she’s really standing like a ballerina in the close-up picture of her shoes! :O

Deadly Bite
Apr 15, 2014 (3526 days ago)

@Deadly Bite: Interesting question. I don’t know if she did ballet. Will ask her when I see her again!

Kjeld Duits
Apr 15, 2014 (3526 days ago)

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