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Sunday September 9, 2012


harajuku, tokyo
SUMMER 2012,
Kjeld Duits


Shirt – N/A
Pants – N/A
Boots – WELTS

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Hair – FEBBRAIO DI ALES (フェブライオディアレス) – JPY 0


Beret – Vivienne Westwood – JPY 2,000


Shirt – N/A – JPY 1,000


Pants – N/A – JPY 10,000


Backpack – N/A – (present) | Pants – N/A – JPY 10,000


Boots – WELTSJPY 4,500

Kjeld Duits About the Photographer

Inspired by the stunningly creative street fashion that exploded on the streets of Tokyo and Osaka in the late 1990’s, photo-journalist Kjeld Duits launched JAPANESE STREETS in 2002. This makes JS one of the first fashion blogs on the net, and the very first to cover Japanese street fashion.

Recent photos by Kjeld Duits:

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Comment (日本語もOK)

Wow, this is lovely! I love how the color of his hair contrasts so well with the rest of his clothes!

Sep 10, 2012 (3738 days ago)

He’s cool! A bit different than the style I’m personally into, but I had to comment, because these photography skills are so amazing. I really think this is another thing that sets JS apart from other street snap blogs. I may not have clicked if he were on some other site, but that top picture is awesome. You captured a moment!

Lactose Intoler-Art
Sep 10, 2012 (3738 days ago)

@Amber: Thank you. “I love how the color of his hair contrasts so well with the rest of his clothes!” — So true! Red and black, a classic color combination that never fails…

Kjeld Duits (photographer)
Sep 10, 2012 (3737 days ago)

@Lactose Intoler-Art: Thank you, Brandon. I was actually wondering myself why that top image works so well. We didn’t do anything difficult or special; it’s a simple shot of Tsubasa just standing there. Yet, the image has much impact.

Kjeld Duits (photographer)
Sep 10, 2012 (3737 days ago)

He is so かっこいい, so the top shot looks awesome ;D
I am not fan of the pattern of those pants, but the design is reaaally cool (^ . ^)

Sep 10, 2012 (3737 days ago)

@Maria: I’m not a fan of checkered designs either, but these pants look great!

Kjeld Duits (photographer)
Sep 10, 2012 (3737 days ago)

I love everything about his style! It’s so edgy but still clean and functional. Red and tartan/plaid are my fave, also!

Sep 11, 2012 (3737 days ago)

@Mika: Glad you like Tsubasa’s style, Mika!

Kjeld Duits (photographer)
Sep 11, 2012 (3737 days ago)

Wow, really, he knows how to wear. It’s just so good that I find it cool. I especially like black and red combinations. I also choose wearing those colours, myself.

Sep 12, 2012 (3735 days ago)

His style sort of reminds me of 70s British punk-rock scene. I like how he gives this “I don´t care much” attitude, looks really cool. Specially with this hair of his.

Sep 13, 2012 (3735 days ago)

@Flo & Bilgen: Yes, there’s a definite 70s feel to it. Especially if you consider the colors used, red and black and the tartan. I think that it’s no coincidence that Tsubasa has incorporated 70s style icon Vivienne Westwood in his look. Interestingly, Westwood used tartan fabric a lot in those days. I wonder though if Tsubasa is aware of this and consciously appropriated the 70s look.

Kjeld Duits (photographer)
Sep 14, 2012 (3733 days ago)

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