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Thursday January 27, 2011

Li Lium

harajuku, tokyo
WINTER 2011,
Emi Kusano


Vest – EKAM
Shirt – banal chic bizarre
Pants – banal chic bizarre × black means
Shoes – banal chic bizarre

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Pants – banal chic bizarre × black means – JPY 90,000

Li Lium's Colors


Vest – EKAMJPY 3,500 | Shirt – banal chic bizarre – JPY 25,000 | Backpack – banal chic bizarre × PORTERJPY 35,000


Hair – Kokoro – JPY 10,000


Rings – N/A – N/A | Bracelet – N/A – N/A


Rings – N/A – N/A


Phone – docomo – N/A


Shoes – banal chic bizarre – PY 25,000

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Emi Kusano About the Photographer

Emi Kusano spends most of her free time in Tokyo's trendy Harajuku. Both to hang out with friends and to shoot the latest trends. She also enjoys discovering small independent boutiques, vintage clothing shops and nicknack stores. Emi has just started as a photographer, but her work has already been published in Cosmopolitan.

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Comment (日本語もOK)

More Rocking Horse Shoes (?)
I like a loooot that backpack.
As soon as I get to my shirt lessons I will copy this style, long and plaid :3

Jan 27, 2011 (4325 days ago)

I love it! The high platform early 2000’s shoes are back on Cat street.

Lactose Intoler-Art
Jan 27, 2011 (4325 days ago)

Personally, I think that my favorite part of this outfit (besides the use of pink and yellow) is the use of accessories! I LOVE LOVE LOVE his rings and bracelets!

Jan 27, 2011 (4325 days ago)

@Lactose Intoler-Art: They love platform shoes here. Lots of people here even happier than you. ^^
@Etsune: Yes, lots of accessories!

Kjeld Duits
Jan 27, 2011 (4325 days ago)

Great socks ;D

Jan 28, 2011 (4324 days ago)

@Kjeld: Yea, when I first started seeing these come back I hated it, but now I’ve seen how many “ahead of the game” Japanese have made them cool in a new way. That’s why I love Japanese style. They take so many items that are uncool and wear them with something different than they might have been worn 5 years ago and make it new again.

Lactose Intoler-Art
Jan 28, 2011 (4324 days ago)

@Lactose Intoler-Art: Great observation. That’s true creativity for you. It takes lots of guts, too!

Kjeld Duits
Jan 29, 2011 (4324 days ago)

I hate the shoes

Feb 2, 2011 (4319 days ago)

I didn’t care too much about the shoes since all the outfit is awesome, but now that I think about they looks kinda funky and disco… very 80’s

Feb 2, 2011 (4319 days ago)

The red backpack and yellow pants really makes him stand out ;D Another thing I love about Japanese street fashion, they don’t hesitate to wear bright colors, and more than one! I think that’s one of the things I miss most in my country is colors! People only wear them around summer time.. The rest of the time it’s always black, black, black… sigh the grey weather is depressing already, why make it worse by wearing grey and black all the time? (sorry I just had to get my frustrations out, haha)

Feb 20, 2011 (4301 days ago)

@Keekii: Totally agree. I believe this is the heritage of wearing kimono for many centuries. You see amazing combinations of colors in kimono.

Kjeld Duits
Feb 20, 2011 (4301 days ago)

@KD: I had never seen it that way. You’ve got a point there. :D
@Keekii: where are you from? (._.)

Feb 21, 2011 (4300 days ago)

@Maria: ^^

Kjeld Duits
Feb 21, 2011 (4300 days ago)

Going through the fashions here, makes me realize how boring fashion is here in Holland.

Going to move to Japan!

Turning japanese, i think im turning japanese, do you think so?!

Apr 10, 2011 (4253 days ago)

@John hahaha…I like that song xD
Indeed, lot of people who discover japanese fashion think like they have discover some awesome fashion world so different from what the have seen before. That’s one of the reasons I like Japan, crazy-but-great original fashion sense, just like Li Lium’s n_n

Apr 11, 2011 (4251 days ago)

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