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Thursday January 6, 2011

Shunpei Kodera

harajuku, tokyo
WINTER 2011,


Jacket – N/A (used)
Sweater – Patrik Soderstam
Shorts – N/A
Shoes – Bernhard Willhelm

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Jacket – N/A (used) – JPY 12,000 | Sweater – Patrik Soderstam – JPY 20,000 | Shorts – N/A – (present)

Shunpei Kodera Colors


Hair – Bloc – JPY 15,000 | Cap – Vivienne Westwood (used) – JPY 3,000


Cap – Vivienne Westwood (used) – JPY 3,000 | Hood – Makura – JPY 6,000


Hood – Makura – JPY 6,000


Shorts – N/A – (present) | Sweater – Patrik Soderstam – JPY 20,000


Shorts – N/A – (present) | Backpack – zaorick mochasse ! – JPY 30,000 | Phone – DoCoMo – N/A


Backpack – zaorick mochasse ! – JPY 30,000


Backpack – zaorick mochasse ! – JPY 30,000


Backpack – zaorick mochasse ! – JPY 30,000


Socks – ISSEY MIYAKEJPY 1,000 | Shoes – Bernhard Willhelm – JPY 20,000

We also photographed Shunpei Kodera in June 2010

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Comment (日本語もOK)

wow. dope from head to toe. his backpack is crazy! and the anime shorts and hood are cool. never seen that done before.

Jan 7, 2011 (4354 days ago)

Actually where did you find this boy? xD

Jan 7, 2011 (4354 days ago)

He’s been such a hit at ridsnap, I’m amazed I had already seen this…
anyway, I prefer commenting here, so as an otaku I envy his looks xD
I want those shorts and that hood! >_<
Also as a miyake fan I want those socks, and finally I want Soderstam’s sweater since I really like his out of mind graphics and crations, not just in clothes n_n

Jan 7, 2011 (4354 days ago)

Man, those Shorts and that hood is straight piff!!! Dammmnnn…I need that!!

Juwols Luciano
Jan 8, 2011 (4353 days ago)

I love the backpack. I love the hood and shorts as well, but absolutely crazy about the backpack. The items (on the backpack) looked like it came fresh out of a holloween shop, stuck on a backpack, paint still fresh. wow. Just check out the zaorick mochasse site… great stuff there. Thank you Mai for taking the photo. <3

Jan 8, 2011 (4353 days ago)

OMG super weird outfit. very cool, though

this bag!

Jan 8, 2011 (4353 days ago)

Wow. This guy is awesome. I think that its safe to say that my favorite part of this outfit is the SHORTS. They are SO COOL! I love them. Love them, love them, love them! I don’t know who exactly those characters on the shorts are, but the shorts are cool nonetheless! And woah, that backpack is scary….Did he really buy it like that, or did he decorate it?

Jan 9, 2011 (4351 days ago)

Anime shorts! WANT!!

Also @kjeld, I did wear that outfit I’d mentioned a few posts ago to a recent event that I hosted. Couldn’t find a place to email you, so would appreciate that email. The Flickr set is on the private account of the photographer who shot them, so I can just get him to send you an invite to view, if you can please email me where is best to do so. Thank ya!

Leah B.
Jan 11, 2011 (4349 days ago)

That’s really cool! Never seen anyone like this guy!

Jan 12, 2011 (4349 days ago)

Hehe…how funny! I just saw this guy again at Shibuya station on Thursday (the day before this post), as he met a friend there and I met up with Valerie! We previously met him at Merry Go Land back in September, where I went up to him because of his blue hair and out-there clothes. Having been to Candy, I can now see the influence.

Jan 12, 2011 (4349 days ago)

@Trashtastika: No kidding! Tokyo is a small city… LOL

Kjeld Duits
Jan 12, 2011 (4349 days ago)

OMG! He is so vivid!!! Such a detailed outlook. I have examined it for quite long instead of doing my homework.

essay writer
Jan 15, 2011 (4346 days ago)

@essay writer: Sorry to have kept you off your homework, but very glad that you like Shunpei’s look!

Kjeld Duits
Jan 15, 2011 (4345 days ago)

It’s been a while for me to comment bcz I’ve been a bit down lately, but seeing this boy made my day! I love everything about his outfit, and I want to dress the same way! I’m sure, I’ll get obsessed with finding similar items to match. Especially the bag! It’s a WOW for me. I don’t think I’ll find one like it, so I’ll try to make one myself but I don’t know how to make that multicolored layer on top. Any ideas?

Jan 18, 2011 (4343 days ago)

The anime characters are from Toradora, in case anyone’s interested

Jan 18, 2011 (4342 days ago)

@Lia: Shunpei definitely sports one of the more popular looks. Very playful and colorful. Here is the blog of zaorick mochasse !. Perhaps you can find more inspiration there. The colored layers look like thick layers of oil paint. I would show these photographs at an art store and ask if they have similar material.

@RandomPasserby: Thanks for the heads up on Toradora!

Kjeld Duits
Jan 18, 2011 (4342 days ago)

Hey again, Kjeld! I found her blog right after seeing this backpack, and I have to admit – she makes some AMAZING accessories! I’d love it if you could confirm that it’s really oil paint bcz that way I can make something similar myself. I wish I could buy directly from Zaorick Mochasse but that doesn’t seem possible for the moment. Thanks in advance, Kjeld!

Jan 19, 2011 (4342 days ago)

toradora sooo cool ^^

Jan 22, 2011 (4339 days ago)

Oh my! This is so awesome!!
He’s very unique, and I think I feel some fellow Otaku pride here!
I really like this look!

Jan 22, 2011 (4339 days ago)

I love this guys style! Especially the Bernhard Willhelm sneakers..And Zoarick Mochasse is great! They always seem to incorporate toys from the early 90’s, which I personally love because those were my childhood years!

Oh, and I LOVE the whole composition, pose, and the background that goes with the head photo. Amazing work.

And 3000 is cheap for Vivien Westwood isn’t it? I bet he got it resale. Cool! I think you guys were the first time I ever saw this guy shot on a street fashion site…Now everybody wants his picture. This is why you guys rule.

Lactose Intoler-Art
Jan 29, 2011 (4331 days ago)

@Lactose Intoler-Art: Actually many of the items on JS are bought in used clothing stores. So the prices are really important because it gives an accurate view of how much people paid, instead of the original sticker price of the item.

Thanks for the kudos!

Kjeld Duits
Jan 29, 2011 (4331 days ago)

Very cute boy <(__)> Chuu…

Feb 9, 2011 (4321 days ago)

I just found him on facebook :DDDD
He’s wearing something so cool in his profile pic!

Feb 10, 2011 (4319 days ago)

@Etsune: Haha, you’re funny. ^_- I had not considered that people would look for the people we shoot on facebook.

Kjeld Duits
Feb 10, 2011 (4319 days ago)

@KD: well, now you gave me an idea xD
I just had Kouki on my twitter but searching for them on FB is something I didn’t even considered before.

Feb 10, 2011 (4319 days ago)

@Maria: This way JS can make people quite famous. LOL

Kjeld Duits
Feb 10, 2011 (4319 days ago)

@Kjeld: I’ve only looked for a few people, and I don’t generally find them…but i found him, which is cool. Although I kinda feel like a creeper…mehhhhh
@Maria: As in Koki Minowa? Are you following him? Gahh, he’s so cool! I swear, I am sometimes starstruck by even common Japanese citizens >.<

Feb 12, 2011 (4317 days ago)

@Etsune: I agree. You have to be careful. We don’t want to scare away the people we photograph for JS!

Kjeld Duits
Feb 12, 2011 (4317 days ago)

@Kjeld: I know what you mean….that wouldn’t make for a very good reputation…i guess its a good thing i look innocent and not like a creeper :D

Feb 13, 2011 (4316 days ago)

@Etsune: Haha, yes!

Kjeld Duits
Feb 14, 2011 (4316 days ago)

@Kjeld: He accepted my friend request, and I practically hyperventilated. I’m so happy!!! * squee * Now I know i DEFINITELY look innocent!! :DD

Feb 14, 2011 (4315 days ago)

@Etsune: Yes, that, or Shunpei is easily fooled. ^_-

Kjeld Duits
Feb 14, 2011 (4315 days ago)

Bwahaha! We’ll see. Anywho, I added you on facebook (I finally found you by seeing you two were friends)…
And I miss Japanese street’s photos, but I check every day! :D

Feb 14, 2011 (4315 days ago)

I’ve fallen in love with his backpack. (;

Feb 19, 2011 (4311 days ago)

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