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Thursday December 23, 2010

Junichi Isohisa

harajuku, tokyo
WINTER 2011,


Coat – N/A
Pants – (used)
Shoes – SOU SOU

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Pants – (used) – N/A

Junichi Isohisa's Colors


Hair – Colorful – JPY 2,000 | Earring – S.NAKABA – JPY 18,000


Earring – S.NAKABA – JPY 18,000


Hat – NOZOMI ISHIGUROJPY 15,000 | Hair – Colorful – JPY 2,000


Muffler – Undercover – JPY 9,000


Handkerchief – Vivienne Westwood – JPY 2,000 | Ashtray – Vivienne Westwood – JPY 9,000


Bag – Corto Moltedo – JPY 190,000


Ring (big) – SERGE THORAVALKJPY 29,000 | Ring (small) – Galerie des bains – JPY 1,000


Coat – N/A – (grandfather’s)


Socks – UNIQLOJPY 1,000 | Shoes – SOU・SOU – JPY 10,000


Socks – UNIQLOJPY 1,000 | Shoes – SOU SOUJPY 10,000


Phone – au – N/A


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Comment (日本語もOK)

Junichi reminds me of the mad hatter from Alice In Wonderland… I love the splash of color his shoes adds to his outfit =] I want a pair of those!

Dec 26, 2010 (4361 days ago)

Oh my gosh! Talk about Avant-Garde. His grandpa had that coat? Amazing. And this once again goes with the all black with a pop of color trend. Mercy his bag is expensive,but at first I thought it said 1,900,000, I about had a heart attack. haha. The tabi shoes are awesome, I’m gonna google that brand.

Lactose Intoler-Art
Dec 26, 2010 (4361 days ago)

@Lactose Intoler-Art: These coats were very popular with the intelligentsia during the Meiji (1868-1912) and Taisho (1912-1926) periods. They are called Tonbi Coats. There is a company in Osaka that still makes them, called Kohtariya. You can order their Tonbi Coat here. I don’t know if they ship abroad. See all their Japanese coats here. It appears that their dark Tonbi Coat is sold out at the moment.

We did a story on Kohtariya in August 2009.

Totally by coincidence I already visited SOU SOU in October in order to do a story on them. I am totally in love with their offerings and have been wanting to write about them for years. Here is the SOU SOU website.

Kjeld Duits
Dec 26, 2010 (4361 days ago)

@Sasha: I love your comparison with the Mad Hatter! See the link above for the SOU SOU tabi shoes.

Kjeld Duits
Dec 26, 2010 (4361 days ago)

Oh my goodness. I freaking love this guy! Best pic I’ve seen here for a while! And that’s saying something!

Leah B.
Dec 27, 2010 (4360 days ago)

wow, he is from a different era! except for the shoes n_n’‘
Really like the whole thing, specially like it because I like all those brands xD
So cool how his earring matches his shoes :D

Dec 27, 2010 (4360 days ago)

@Leah B. & Maria: Really happy you like Junichi’s looks so much! I hand’t noticed that the earrings actually match Junichi’s tabi shoes, Maria; you are right!

Kjeld Duits
Dec 27, 2010 (4360 days ago)

Striking and dramatic, this photo reminds me why I miss and need a dose of Harajuku.

Jan 3, 2011 (4353 days ago)

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