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Monday December 6, 2010


roppongi, tokyo
AUTUMN 2010,


Jacket – N/A
Shirt – Junya Watanabe
Shoes – adidas

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Jacket – N/A – JPY 5,000

Iida's Colors


Detail of Jacket – N/A – JPY 5,000 | Apron – PHENOMENONJPY 10,000


Hat – Stephen Jones – JPY 20,000 | Hair – YY – JPY 0


Detail of Jacket – N/A – JPY 5,000 | Shirt – Junya Watanabe – JPY 20,000


Bracelet – CANDY (shop) – JPY 8,000


Shoes – adidas – JPY 25,000


Phone – Softbank – N/A

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Comment (日本語もOK)

Wah! First of all, I love the hat; it looks VERY cute on him! And his hair is awesome! His bracelet is so cool! I love it! And it doesn’t hurt that he is quite handsome ^.~

Dec 6, 2010 (4675 days ago)

Sehr interessant Outfit, ich mag.

stela alves
Dec 7, 2010 (4675 days ago)

This is totally awesome. Extremely avant-garde, but not ridiculous. GREAT SHOT! More like this!! haha

LActose Intoler-Art
Dec 7, 2010 (4675 days ago)

@LActose Intoler-Art: I especially like his headwear and apron.

Kjeld Duits
Dec 7, 2010 (4675 days ago)

I’m thinking punk-rock Peter Pan. (wouldn’t THAT be a fun production to design the costumes for!) Love the bracelet. Trying to figure out what it’s made of. Love the shoes, and ADORE the chopped-up jacket.

Leah B.
Dec 7, 2010 (4675 days ago)

He has an AMAZING amount of crazy cool things going on in this outfit! Makes me wonder about what other incredible pieces he has lurking about in his closets >.<

Dec 7, 2010 (4675 days ago)


Dec 7, 2010 (4675 days ago)

When I say I love weird styles is because of people like him! :D
I finally find someone with Jeremy Scott’s adidas that is not an idol :P
Bracelet is sooo Naruto, I want it xD

Dec 7, 2010 (4675 days ago)

@ALL:Thank you for your comments!
This shoes is popular around me.
I like his hands and a cute mole under his eye. hahaha

Dec 7, 2010 (4675 days ago)

I agree! The hat and apron are really cool!

Lactose Intoler-Art
Dec 7, 2010 (4675 days ago)

@Maria: OH MY GOSH! You are SO RIGHT! I wasn’t even THINKING Naruto when I saw this, but MAN!!! It is definitely like that! I love Naruto <3

Dec 7, 2010 (4675 days ago)

@Mai: I agree about his hands! They are quite beautiful! I was going to say that also, but I wasn’t quite sure if I should =) And also, I agree about the mole! I like it when people have unique things about them

Dec 7, 2010 (4674 days ago)

@Etsune: hehe yeah I somethimes make weird comparisons n_n’‘
The detail of jacket shot reminded me of Kakashi too xD

Dec 8, 2010 (4674 days ago)

@Maria: WIth the detailing of the jacket pockets, I can kind of see what you mean =)

Dec 8, 2010 (4673 days ago)

All the different lines really intrigue me: the boxy-ness in the shirt and placket, the asymmetrical sleeves, and cropped pants… etc etc :)

@Leah B. I totally agree with your ‘Punk Rock Peter Pan’ description. Too fun!

Dec 9, 2010 (4673 days ago)

looks a little Strange! but really very cool!amazing work!

Dec 9, 2010 (4672 days ago)

@petitesam & Leah B.: Yes, Punk Rock Peter Pan is a great description!

Kjeld Duits
Dec 11, 2010 (4671 days ago)

Now I want to see a Punk Rock Peter Pan musical!

Kjeld Duits
Dec 11, 2010 (4671 days ago)

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