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Saturday November 27, 2010


harajuku, tokyo
AUTUMN 2010, girls


Dress – dorothy vacance
Shoes – N/A

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Hair – ZENKO chere – N/A | Earrings – N/A – (present)


Bag – Jane – JPY 17,000 | Socks – HAL – (present) | Shoes – N/A – JPY 20,000


Bracelet – N/A – JPY 1,000


Dress – dorothy vacance – JPY 18,000

Suggested Items for this Style

Traditional African Earrings
Red Shiny Pumps
Long Black Leggings
Red Handbag

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Comment (日本語もOK)

A really modern look.
Love the bright colors and geometry of this outfit. Everything matches in a color/form way… I don’t know how to explain how much I love and admire this style n_n’‘
The first moment I saw this I wanted everything she is wearing xD

Nov 27, 2010 (4236 days ago)

Very trendy and cool! I adore her earrings. They’re a great touch. Focusing on the shoes, I’d like to point out that I would probably kill myself in them. I’d probably stand in a gutter or something. I’m not great with heels, though to be fair these heels do look quite supportive. Anyway, the dress and the bag are GORGEOUS. I so want. By the way, I Googled out of curiosity. Where is your exact surroundings Mai? Where did you manage to come across these stacks of boxes? I really like this scene.

Nov 27, 2010 (4236 days ago)

She coordinated all those colors… @o@

I am in love with those shoes!

Nov 28, 2010 (4236 days ago)

Beautiful look! I love how she has echoed the explosion of colours of her dress with her various accessories. And those shoes…

Nov 28, 2010 (4236 days ago)

Very Nice!!

Nov 28, 2010 (4236 days ago)

gosh, i love this. Honestly, I think this is one of my favorite outfits of all time on here. It’s beautiful and edgy. And you know what? The look is easy, too! She’s not wearing 5 million rings and bracelets or anything like that! I love this!
Wear was this picture taken?

Nov 28, 2010 (4236 days ago)

i love her hair and her smile

Nov 28, 2010 (4236 days ago)

Oh, that is just freakin’ awesome. <3

Leah B.
Nov 28, 2010 (4235 days ago)

Mai shot Gon at the roomsLINK exhibition that took place at Tokyo’s Yoyogi National Gymnasium.

Here is some background info from the roomsLINK site: roomsLINK is a fashion event held during Tokyo Collection Week in March and October, bringing the latest trends from Tokyo to the world. The event features fashion shows, trade exhibitions, as well as LINKs to various fashion contents such as media, web, stores, and parties.

Kjeld Duits
Nov 28, 2010 (4235 days ago)

@Mel: These boxes were at the entrance of the roomsLINK exhibition. I think Mai used them extremely well as a background. We also shot some of the recent fashion shows at roomsLINK.

Kjeld Duits
Nov 28, 2010 (4235 days ago)

@Kjeld: Thank you for the information! The place looks so cool! Even the font on the boxes are pretty!
And finally you’re back! I thought you to have disappeared =/

Nov 28, 2010 (4235 days ago)

@Etsune: Haha. Yes, I almost faded away. ^ _ – I had to write and photograph two major features on Osaka fashion for two European fashion magazines. It was a huge job that took almost all my time this month. Quite a few days that I worked until 2:00, 3:00 or even 5:00 am. Good to be back!

Kjeld Duits
Nov 28, 2010 (4235 days ago)

@Kjeld: Wow, that sounds really stressful! I’m glad that you’re back and have completed your work though! Are those features going to be posted on the site?

Nov 29, 2010 (4235 days ago)

@Etsune: Yes, it was extremely successful. The request came just as I set off for the Japan Fashion Week, so the timing was kind of bad. I think I will write new articles from the same interviews for JS. But probably can’t do that until the articles are published in the magazines in January.

Kjeld Duits
Nov 29, 2010 (4235 days ago)

@Kjeld: Oh, wow! That’s a long time!!
Oh, well. i guess we’ll get to see them eventually! Sounds like quite an exiting job you have!

Nov 29, 2010 (4235 days ago)

@Etsune. Actually, it will be January in just four weeks… It’ll be here before you know. ^^
Sounds like quite an exiting job you have! I agree!

Kjeld Duits
Nov 29, 2010 (4234 days ago)

I noticed that her eye make up, I have wear it. I mean once I maked up like that, with the little red detail :D cool. makes me happy to know I have a japanese’s ideas for make up, even without seeing it before! :D

Nov 29, 2010 (4234 days ago)

@Maria: Yes, you see that a lot here. I think we have more photographs of this style of make-up.

Kjeld Duits
Nov 29, 2010 (4234 days ago)

@Kjeld: A very valid point! I don’t know, it just seemed longer for me because I still think of the month as November….
I can’t believe how time is flying!
And how, exactly, do you get a job like yours? I just think it’s cool that as a gaikokujin, you can do something like that…I think my only option at the moment is teaching English…

Nov 29, 2010 (4234 days ago)

@Etsune: Yes, November already finishes tomorrow. I have trouble keeping up!

I became a journalist and photographer because of the terrible things I saw around my home after the Kobe Earthquake of 1995. I put out a news release in Europe and reported on it for newspapers, magazines, radio and TV. After a few weeks I approached some news media to see if they could use a correspondent in Japan. They politely asked me to write stuff, and everything was published. Over the next few years my work was increasingly published worldwide. In the late 1990s, I started to feel that traditional media would not be able to compete with new media, so I started a website in early 2000, not even a year after I first connected to the internet. I started shooting street fashion around 2001, and JS was started in 2002. I started shooting Tokyo runway fashion when the Japan Fashion Week was started in 2005. I have always taken the first step myself, and the work almost always follows.

It is your life, Etsune. It is in your own hands to decide what you want to do with it, and act on that conviction.

Kjeld Duits
Nov 29, 2010 (4234 days ago)

Wow, I agree with everyone. She looks incredibly amazing, down to every last detail. Is she the designer behind her dress? I want to see more of her creations. She’s beautiful!

LActose Intoler-Art
Nov 29, 2010 (4234 days ago)

@LActose Intoler-Art: I don’t think so, but I would love to see her work.

Kjeld Duits
Nov 29, 2010 (4234 days ago)

Thank you so much for nice photos Mai Tanno-san,
and interesting comments from everyone!!!!
They make me very happy,
and please check it out my blog and works****

All the best;

Dec 4, 2010 (4230 days ago)

I really love the top and the shoes, I also love the bracelet. =)

Dec 4, 2010 (4230 days ago)

@Gon: You are so cool! I saw your blog and the dorothy vacance website! i LOVE the remakeover dress shirts! Love, love, love! Do you sell those?

Dec 4, 2010 (4229 days ago)

love the top, the earrings, and the bracelet!

Dec 6, 2010 (4227 days ago)

@Kui; thank you so much for your comment! I bought this bracelet in Harajuku,was really cheap,but my favorite one xD!

@andrea;Thank you so much!!! This earings are maybe someone’s souvenir in Peru,,,,,my mum’s!!!

@Etsune; Thank you so much for your comments!! I’m selling these remakeover shirts in Tokyo. But of course, I can remakeover and send for you as Santa Claus!! ;D!!!

Dec 7, 2010 (4227 days ago)

Gon-san!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@ALL:Thank you for those comments!!
She is totally a woman such as JAPANESE YAMATO-NADESHIKO:)
Therefore I think that she can produce a wonderful design.

Dec 8, 2010 (4226 days ago)

@Gon: Does this mean that I could order one from you from America?
I am not saying for sure that I can and will, but if I am able to, can I?

Dec 8, 2010 (4225 days ago)

@Etsune; I’m so sorry for late reply! how are you? Yes, of course :D ,once could you mail me to my address please? You can check by my blogs’ profile,gmail. Thank you, and waiting for your mail*** all the best!

Dec 11, 2010 (4222 days ago)

Oh my gosh I love it they just keep on getting better and better!!! Work it girl!

Apr 5, 2011 (4108 days ago)

dear superstar;
Thank you so much for your comments! It makes me happy.
I will open my own store in this month*
I will inform in this new site;
please check this out!!

Apr 5, 2011 (4107 days ago)

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