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Wednesday November 3, 2010


harajuku, tokyo
AUTUMN 2010, guys
Kjeld Duits


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Kjeld Duits About the Photographer

Inspired by the stunningly creative street fashion that exploded on the streets of Tokyo and Osaka in the late 1990’s, photo-journalist Kjeld Duits launched JAPANESE STREETS in 2002. This makes JS one of the first fashion blogs on the net, and the very first to cover Japanese street fashion.

Recent photos by Kjeld Duits:

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Comment (日本語もOK)

I know I shouldn’t say this… but that’s just soooo wrong (IMO). Definitely should not be part of the fashion police hehehe.

Nov 3, 2010 (4258 days ago)

i have seen these (very interesting indeed) shoes before, anyone could tell me about the designer or the brand? I do think Jane Aldridge blogged about them.

mayssa ferah
Nov 3, 2010 (4258 days ago)

I think he knows what good looks good on him…shoes and hat are not something I would use but he made a great outfit!
His skinny legs are made for those striped tights, I couldn’t wear that with my football player legs n_n’‘

Nov 3, 2010 (4258 days ago)

@Maria: Many Japanese are troubled by what they call daikon-ashi, highly developed calves attributed to sitting on the floor a lot. So called because the shape of the legs resemble daikon, a very large white radish. But Ono doesn’t have that problem.

Kjeld Duits (photographer)
Nov 3, 2010 (4258 days ago)

I love this look, total interesting!!

stela alves
Nov 3, 2010 (4258 days ago)

Love the shoes, eyeliner, and hat. Needs a pedi, though. If you’re going to push outside of gender-binaries in delightful ways, might as well go all-out with it.

Leah B.
Nov 3, 2010 (4257 days ago)

Everything’s cool until… and then I noticed the shoes.

Nov 4, 2010 (4257 days ago)

@KD: hmmm I googled it, definitely not my case, my calves are more…‘sportive’ xD
Everytime I see his shots I fall more in love with his style, I totally clap to him wearing those shoes, not just because people give bad looks to it but also cause they are so high o.o I would have fall xD

Nov 4, 2010 (4257 days ago)

@Maria: I actually provided a link to google images of Daikon on my post above. Good to hear you have slender calves!

I know what you mean about the high heels. Interestingly, high heels for men are quite popular in Harajuku at the moment.

Kjeld Duits (photographer)
Nov 4, 2010 (4257 days ago)

I think the play of pattern mixing is put together very well. I really like the fact that he is wearing leggings and the wedges! I do agree he should have gotten a pedi though to “clean up the look” at least.
I appreciate his style and how he incorporated the wedges which look “strange” to others but that’s because they are not used to seeing them. The more guys start to finally venture into the “gender-free ideology” side of fashion (as women have for years now), the more it won’t look “different” to society when us guys want to be fashionable too. (Take earrings, for example) Great job!

Nov 4, 2010 (4256 days ago)

@Peej: The gender-free look has definitely been spreading in Japan over the past few years; it’s going to be very interesting to see how far and deep this trend will go.

Kjeld Duits (photographer)
Nov 5, 2010 (4256 days ago)

I remeber reading an issue of Details back in 1998 or so. One article was about Japanese trends and how one trend involved men wearing heels and earings. I have like dthe look ever since. While I can’t say that I fond of his style good on him for doing it. As a male I rock heels and janes from time to time. More guys should do it. Dare to be different.

Nov 6, 2010 (4255 days ago)

Actually the leggings stripes make any leg look thinner even if you have daikon calves. I’d love to have his leggings. BTW, need lotion!

Nov 7, 2010 (4254 days ago)

@Myra: True! Stripes do help. But many Japanese with daikon ashi also have o legs, and that tends to be accentuated a bit by vertical stripes.

Kjeld Duits (photographer)
Nov 7, 2010 (4254 days ago)

Love the daringness of this look! Although I confess I think black biker boots would go better with the hat and toughen up the look. @Kjeld, writing as a westerner with o legs, you just made me feel better, as I just realised from your comment that many japanese have them.

Nov 7, 2010 (4254 days ago)

@Trashtastika: Yes, they are quite common here and frustrate many Japanese fashion lovers. Interestingly, in Japan o-legs are attributed to sitting on the floor.

Kjeld Duits (photographer)
Nov 7, 2010 (4254 days ago)

Very interesting fashion choice… The pants and sandals might be too much for me

Nov 8, 2010 (4253 days ago)

I think if he lost the hat. The look would go over much better. IMO the hat is too heavy in terms of material when compared to the rest of the look.

Nov 9, 2010 (4252 days ago)

OMG … he is a gay??

Nov 17, 2010 (4244 days ago)

@niha: What does clothes preference have anything to do with being gay? I’m so tired of those comments.
If you see a woman wearing pants, suits, work boots, or a necktie, do you ask if she’s gay?

Nov 17, 2010 (4244 days ago)

@Peej: I totally agree with you. I also feel extremely uncomfortable with niha’s apparently unstated assumption (“OMG”) that being gay is something negative.

@niha: I first wanted to pull your comment as it can be interpreted offensively to many people, but I hope that a conversation will clear up misunderstandings.

Kjeld Duits (photographer)
Nov 17, 2010 (4244 days ago)

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