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Saturday August 21, 2010


harajuku, tokyo
SUMMER 2010, girls


Top – Uniqlo
Pants – Marc by Marc Jacobs
Shoes – Santa Monica

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Pants – Marc by Marc Jacobs – JPY 20,000 | Belt – American Apparel – JPY 3,500


Hair – N/A – N/A


Hairband – Primoir – N/A


Backpack – Crisp – N/A


Bracelet – N/A – N/A


Ring – Vivienne Westwood – N/A


Shoes – Santa Monica – JPY 8,000 | Socks – N/A – (mother’s)


Phone – iPhone – JPY 50,000


Top – Uniqlo – N/A

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Comment (日本語もOK)

i love those pants! I could never pull something like those off!
and I want her backpack!

Aug 21, 2010 (4327 days ago)

looks cute and interesting…

Aug 21, 2010 (4327 days ago)

Interesting pants. I would personally look terrifying in those pants! Great girl for pulling them off! I like how the pants are showcased, and everything is muted yet still detailed. I’m loving her backpack!

Aug 21, 2010 (4327 days ago)

@derek, blotangel, Mel: Thanks for your comments! I agree that those pants are very difficult to wear. But Hachi’s simple tank top, shoes, unique hairdo and ribbon are working perfectly to make it look stunning! The backpack is sold at a hand made shop Crisp and they also have an online store :) This girl Ayumi Watanabe actually works at Crisp, so she will be very happy to read your comments! Cheers.

Marie Sasago
Aug 21, 2010 (4327 days ago)

I’m sorry, Ayumi Wanatabe is working at Syrup , not Crisp. My apology for my mistake, but Syrup is also a very cute shop, so please check it out when you have the time to. :)

Marie Sasago
Aug 21, 2010 (4327 days ago)

Thanks Marie! The store Crisp sells some very nice things! :) The Syrup site is really pretty! The clothes are pretty too of course. :)

Aug 21, 2010 (4326 days ago)

cool lookin chic

Aug 21, 2010 (4326 days ago)

She is GREAT! I love the pants. You have SUCH a great eye Marie-san! I would have never guessed the pants were Marc by Marc Jacobs for some reason…I guess because they look so avant-garde. I usually like Marc by Marc Jacobs though, I guess I need to see the pieces from the latest collection.

Lactose Intoler-Art
Aug 22, 2010 (4326 days ago)

This look is so interesting to look at. Not many people could pull off a pair of pants like that – she’s got style! I think the photos are great, especially the close-up of her face, she looks really cool. It’s also funny if you notice, the background is very grey-ish, which makes her pants stand out even more ;D But I wonder, is her hair a wig? it’s just her bangs, they look kinda unnatural to me.

Aug 22, 2010 (4326 days ago)

@KD: Remember we were talking about this kind of glasses? This are the ones I find often in the stores :/

Aug 22, 2010 (4326 days ago)

@Maria: Maybe you should buy a pair like these and then have the glass changed?

Kjeld Duits
Aug 22, 2010 (4326 days ago)

@KD: not a bad idea :) I’ll buy 2 so I can wear the same style at sunny days too ;D

Aug 26, 2010 (4322 days ago)

hey u guys!
i’m hachi, this pic’s girl.
thanx for taking pics of me, n thanx for ur comments!
i’m a fashion student, n i write about fashion, movies, photograuph, etc on my blog.
so if u r interested in me, plz check it out.
of course, ur comments r always welcome!
thank you <3

Aug 27, 2010 (4320 days ago)

oh my gosh this girl is simply amazing in some kind of crazy way!! i mean she really has a good taste if she can wear those pants in such a fashionable way!!! i’d die to have those marc jacobs… here in colombia they are like reeeaaaly expensive!! i dont even know if theres even a mj boutique!! i think ill leave to japan right now!!! wish i could … anyway great photo marie-san

Aug 31, 2010 (4317 days ago)

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