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Tuesday August 24, 2010


harajuku, tokyo
SUMMER 2010,
Kjeld Duits


Style: Dolly Kei

Dress – N/A
T-Shirt – N/A
Skirt – N/A
Socks – N/A
Apron – (self)
Sandals – N/A

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Skirt – N/A – JPY 5,000


Blouse – SABUROKUJPY 3,000 | T-Shirt – N/A – JPY 1,000 | Dress (partly hidden under blouse) – N/A – JPY 4,000


Hair – LIM CODEJPY 12,000


Doll Head – Barbie – N/A


Buttons – N/A – N/A


Apron – (self) – JPY 3,000


Bag – (self) – JPY 1,000 | Socks – N/A – JPY 2,000 | Sandals – N/A – JPY 6,000


Phone – Willcome – (present) | Phone – DoCoMo – JPY 12,000

Kjeld Duits About the Photographer

Inspired by the stunningly creative street fashion that exploded on the streets of Tokyo and Osaka in the late 1990’s, photo-journalist Kjeld Duits launched JAPANESE STREETS in 2002. This makes JS one of the first fashion blogs on the net, and the very first to cover Japanese street fashion.

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Comment (日本語もOK)

Interesting fashion. I’ve never really seen “dolly kei” before! The Barbie head is a little bit scary, mind (I am a bit of a coward though)! The “belt” looks like what goes around a curtain. That’s a very inventive idea.

Aug 24, 2010 (4488 days ago)

I like the bag: pretty, simple and handmade :D
Where have I seen those socks? :/ hmm… I wonder…
Two cellphones! a busy student, huh? xD I like the honeybee model :3

@Mel: since the “belt” is selfmade, maybe it IS a curtain n_n

Aug 24, 2010 (4488 days ago)

Maria is correct, this is indeed part of a curtain. You may have noticed the photos of people wearing tassels as well recently.

Kjeld Duits (photographer)
Aug 24, 2010 (4488 days ago)

Wow. She is just so artistic. I really like the use of the Barbie doll and the apron and everyting. Simple but very deep!

Marie Sasago
Aug 24, 2010 (4488 days ago)

@Marie: Just quickly checking my messages after returning from a trip through the disaster area. Glad you like Riho’s style.

Kjeld Duits (photographer)
Aug 24, 2010 (4488 days ago)

Marie&Kjeld: Haha maybe so.

Aug 24, 2010 (4488 days ago)

*Maria, not Marie lol.

Aug 24, 2010 (4488 days ago)

@KD: well, my mom has tassels around some huge flower vases so maybe I clean them and put them on, if the look good on me I’ll keep them n_n
seriously, not kidding

Aug 24, 2010 (4487 days ago)

I love her hood, makes her look like some sort of fairytale character ^^

Aug 24, 2010 (4487 days ago)

This is why I love Dolly-kei… it has all the pretty-pretty of Lolita, with those wonderful touches of decay and creepiness. Again, outfit inspiration for tomorrow… ~♪

Aug 24, 2010 (4487 days ago)

Thank you for taking a photograph.
It is Riho of this photograph.
I am glad to get a lot of comment.
Thank you.

From a Japanese small town

Aug 24, 2010 (4487 days ago)

Love her socks, and great to see the tassels as a belt. We recently got a belt with tassels at the boutique I work at, but it’s pretty boring (black, leather).. I like Riho’s much better! I’m waiting for tassel earrings. ^^

Aug 25, 2010 (4487 days ago)

The hood looks really good on her and I agree that the cut-off barbie head is a little bit creepy, but I think the idea is great – it is “Dolly” kei after all :)

Additionally, I think the floral tights were a good choice for the shoes, because it makes both things stand out some more and it looks cute too ;)

Aug 26, 2010 (4486 days ago)

Oh, I like socks and sandals combination the best! And these buttons are really nice.
She looks so individually and unusual but still cute, like it ^^

Tonya Vinny
Aug 26, 2010 (4486 days ago)

Oh now she looks very interesting. Favorites are the hoodie and belt, especially the belt i feel like its an important touch to the whole outfit. And like those above me have said, the socks and sandals are an AWESOME combination their so adorable im so inlove lol.

Aug 29, 2010 (4482 days ago)

very cool, I like it!

Mimi Nizan
Sep 1, 2010 (4480 days ago)

@Anya: I als thought of a fairy tale when I saw her. I should have shot her in a forest!

@Maria: Yes, try that out!

@RIHO: Great to see you comment. Hope to see more of you!

@Keekii: Totally understand the feelings about Barbie’s lonely head, and I completely agree with you. It fits the whole look really well.

Kjeld Duits (photographer)
Sep 2, 2010 (4478 days ago)

WHen I see this outfit, I think of the Greek goddesses or the muses or something.

Sep 9, 2010 (4471 days ago)

@Etsune, yeah now that you mention it, the hoodie style gives me the idea of cosplay xD

Sep 11, 2010 (4470 days ago)

Maybe the romantic aspect of this style makes you think of a Greek goddess and cosplay?

Kjeld Duits (photographer)
Sep 11, 2010 (4470 days ago)

@Kjeld: Ummm, I don’t know about COSPLAY, but the color palette of white and gold and the way the gold belt is just reminds me of cosplay

Sep 23, 2010 (4457 days ago)

@Etsune: I can understand that. Makes me realize that I haven’t shot cosplay for a long time!

Kjeld Duits (photographer)
Sep 23, 2010 (4457 days ago)

@petitesam: tassel earrings? puts on list of things to make That’s a good idea…little tassels with chinese knots would be super-cute

Oct 13, 2010 (4437 days ago)

@code_name_kohaku: Would love to see that!

Kjeld Duits (photographer)
Oct 13, 2010 (4437 days ago)

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