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Sunday August 1, 2010


harajuku, tokyo
SUMMER 2010, girls
Emi Kusano


Hair – Number406
Bag – Bunkaya Zakkaten
Kimono – Antique Mall Ginza (shop)
Zori – N/A

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Zori – N/A – N/A


Kimono – Antique Mall Ginza (shop) – JPY 125,000 | Obi – N/A – N/A


Hair – Number406 – JPY 4,500 | Hair Pin – N/A – N/A


Bag – Bunkaya Zakkaten – JPY 1,000


Obi – N/A – N/A


Obi – N/A – N/A


Phone – Au – N/A


Ring – Vivienne Westwood – (present)

Emi Kusano About the Photographer

Emi Kusano spends most of her free time in Tokyo's trendy Harajuku. Both to hang out with friends and to shoot the latest trends. She also enjoys discovering small independent boutiques, vintage clothing shops and nicknack stores. Emi has just started as a photographer, but her work has already been published in Cosmopolitan.

Recent photos by Emi Kusano:

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Comment (日本語もOK)

Oh snap, she looks fabulous. (And she knows it too!) I can’t decide if I like Mitake’s or Lingo’s look more…

Aug 1, 2010 (4103 days ago)

she’s soo pretty; the hair, the kimono, the obi………….I want one tooooo

Aug 1, 2010 (4103 days ago)

@Annabelle & Laureliz: I agree. Mitake’s pretty and fabulous. Of all the yukata-clad people this week, I would put Mitake on the top of the list.

Kjeld Duits
Aug 1, 2010 (4103 days ago)

AMAZING SHOTS!!!! I got to meet Amazing Mitake when Emi-san shot her!

Lactose Intoler-Art
Aug 1, 2010 (4103 days ago)

@Kjeld I am with you on that – she def makes it to the top of the list! She looks lovely, and her posing is fierce!

Aug 2, 2010 (4103 days ago)

@Lactose Intoler-Art: Were you wearing a hat and a purple vest? In that case, I have pictures of you with Mitake and her friend. Shall I send them to you, or did you get them already?

@Lia: Yes, great posing and then that expression in her eyes!

Kjeld Duits
Aug 2, 2010 (4103 days ago)

I cant believe how young some of these fashionistas are! Mitake is only 17 and rocking such a fabulous kimono. Puts my youth fashion sense to shame haha But anyways, another great look, reminds me of Yukaris yukata print since both are very water color-esque. The accesories are also great, but I don’t care for the hair…a little too birdnest like for me

Aug 2, 2010 (4102 days ago)

@Sierra: I was just as surprised. Just imagine what age and experience will add over the coming years! Would be nice if we could keep track.

Kjeld Duits
Aug 2, 2010 (4102 days ago)

@Kjeld, yes that was me! Thank you so much, but dont worry too much about it…I took some myself as well. Thank you!

Lactose Intoler-Art
Aug 2, 2010 (4102 days ago)

The word fabulous sums Mitake up perfectly! I love the added flowers in her hair!

Aug 3, 2010 (4102 days ago)

she is a doll!!! i love her hairdo,too^__^

Aug 3, 2010 (4101 days ago)

@Mel: And did you notice the toy windmill stuck in her obi and just peaking from behind her shoulder?
@5amjetaime: Not everybody does, I noticed, but I do, too.

Kjeld Duits
Aug 3, 2010 (4101 days ago)

I absolutely ADORE her hair. Everything is so coordinated. Her make-up is flawless as well and that ring on her finger is straight up rockin’! xD

Aug 4, 2010 (4100 days ago)

SO cute! Her hair especially! And her outfit is so pretty! The ring is cool, too.

Sep 10, 2010 (4063 days ago)

she looks so awesomely trandy and I adore her bag

Sep 11, 2010 (4063 days ago)

A WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy ish!!!!!!!

Im in love.

Sep 15, 2010 (4058 days ago)

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