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Dress – H&M
Leggings – UNIQLO
Shoes – Marunin

Wednesday June 30, 2010
Kjeld Duits: @Lactose Intoler-Art: Are you sure? Jeremy Scott bags usually have a very specific form, as well as a handle and label.
Lactose Intoler-Art: Cool girl! The bag isn’t Jeremy Scott is it? Reminds me of some of the telephone with chord and the gasoline print he has done.
Kjeld Duits: @Kara: Cool. Would love to see it! Do you know you can display photos in the comments? Upload them on flickr or some place like that, then type the url, surrounded with exclamation marks (!), in the comment box below. Use the following guidelines: Width: 630 pixels Orientation: Horizontal (Landscape)


Jacket – Buyer Too!
Skirt – Comme des Garçons
Boots – Jean Paul Gaultier

Sunday June 6, 2010
Kjeld Duits: @Nene: “So it’s implied that girls are lower than guys, isn’t it?” — Interesting interpretation. I thought that it meant that men were as yet not as liberated as women…
Nene: And then Andrej Pejic became a model, and people started to discuss about gender – again. I love this fact, because, well, it is important to talk about this kind of things. Just a personal thought by a very angry girl. Actually I think that everybody can dress up in the way they want. But the problem is: if it isn’t a problem for a girl to wear boy’s clothes, why is it strange the opposite? So it’s implied that girls are lower than guys, isn’t it?
ccm800: SO attractive. His dress suits him and his face is just stunning to look upon.


Style: Edogawa Ranpo

Jacket – H&M
Cardigan – UNIQLO
Pants – UNIQLO

Visitor to the G.V.G.V. show at the Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo

Sunday April 4, 2010
Kjeld Duits: @Lactose Intoler-Art: Thanks for filling us in on Londer. I couldn’t quite figure it out, I must admit. 1500 yen is a steal!
Lactose Intoler-Art: I meant to say “Londoner” earlier in my post, not “Londer” haha..But I think you understood me anyway. Mine in Shimokita were super cheap! Around 1500 yen!
Kjeld Duits: @Lactose Intoler-Art: Glasses have become extremely cheap in Japan over the past 10-15 years. Items that cost about 60,000 yen 15 years ago can now be had for 5,000 yen. It is unbelievable. The result is that glasses have become a true fashion item with people having many and matching them to their outfits. How much did you pay for yours at Shimokitazawa?


Hat – Polcadot
Scarf – UNIQLO
Shirt – hiro
Pants – UNIQLO

Saturday October 17, 2009
Kjeld Duits: @lavyuceffe: Thanks!
Kjeld Duits: @Storm Victor: You’re very welcome, Storm. I hope you find it. Don’t give up on eBay, many dealers selling Japanese fashion use it in order to reach people like you outside Japan. I would check both. Besides, many dealers on Yahoo Auction Japan won’t ship abroad, so you would often need a shipping service like this one.
Storm Victor: @Kjeld Duits, Thank you so much for the advice and for taking the time to look it up, I’ve been using ebay to look for japan wear for awhile now but now that I know that I will start using yahoo. @lavyuceffe, I’ve been looking around for a boaters hat in black for a while now and I’ve been told that it is very hard to find, thanks for replying though :)