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Saturday December 12, 2009
Kjeld Duits: @Jake Glockner: Very slowly over the past ten, twenty years or so. I’d say it is a direct result of the edgy fashion of the 90s, which has made people in general more aware of their personal style.
Jake Glockner: @Kjeld Duits: Well that is a crying shame! When would you say that this shift happened?
Kjeld Duits: @Jake Glockner: I think that people perhaps don’t look for their inspiration on the street that much anymore, and also don’t go out to places like Harajuku and the like to flaunt their originality. Many connect with each other on the net through apps like Instagram. Also, there use to be a huge gap between people who paid a lot of attention (and money) to their looks, and those who didn’t care. So you had really fashionable and original looks, then a lot of nothing, and beyond that, sartorial disaster. These days there are a lot more people in the middle who dress pretty well, though unoriginal. But the edges seems to have become a bit lonely…