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Stole – N/A
Sweater – N/A
Blouse – Isetan
Coat – C-O-L-Z-A
Skirt – N/A
Stockings – N/A
Boots – Vigo Forte

110218-8425: Harajuku, Tokyo, C-O-L-Z-A, Vigo Forte
Tuesday February 1, 2011
Etsune: Wow, she is simply adorable! I love the jacket she’s wearing, especially the detailing on the hood. Her fur hat is also super adorable! I love it :) Her bag is really cute, especially considering the fact that it is a canvas bag… I’m a big fan of tights, so I love hers, and the shoes are incredible! Over all, the outfit is super cute :D
Kjeld Duits: @Keekii: Yes, I saw more of it last week-end than I can remember. I think you are right about the Mori Girl influence. Tote bags_ are called eco bags here, so with the increasing focus on global warming I expect you will see even more of them.
Keekii: Yes the all white or cream colored outfits are quite the rage right? I have seen them on other Japanese street fashion websites as well, I guess it was the Mori girls that began that trend right? and tote bags are getting very popular (or have always been?)