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Jacket – Panama Boy (Shop)
T-Shirt – ZARA
Shorts – N/A
Shoes – NIKE

120530-6752: Japanese street fashion in Shibuya, Tokyo (UATRO, Panama Boy, ZARA, NIKE)
Thursday June 14, 2012
Kjeld Duits: @ Nyurah & Maria: Thank you.
Maria: KD is shooting simpler styles, but still cute people <3 I love the shoes and the sweater That’s very like my style, including hair XD
Nyurah: @Kjeld: Oh, so it’s actually pink…thought it was gold^^ Hm, I think you’ve shot much simlpler looks before. As long it looks cool it doesn’t matter that much I guess :)


Hoodie – Gasswell (the Virgin Mary)
T-Shirt – (the Virgin Mary)
Pants – (CULT PARTY)
Tabi – NIKE

120526-5534: Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo (Gasswell, the Virgin Mary, CULT PARTY, NIKE)
Monday June 4, 2012
Kjeld Duits: @GnewMyst: Perhaps Ari should start up something in NYC…
GnewMyst: Excuse me while I sob and wonder why resale shops in NYC don’t have stuff this nice! I’ve seen other things from The Virgin Mary and had wipe away my drool (sigh). She looks adorable!
Nyurah: Somehow she gives off comforting vibes…really puts me at ease when looking at her So lovely!


Jacket – Alexander McQueen
Blouse – N/A
Skirt – Emoda
Shoes – Vivienne Westwood

120406-8868:  Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo (Boy, Alexander McQueen, Emoda, Vivienne Westwood, NIKE, H&M)
Saturday April 7, 2012
Kjeld Duits: @Fiones: Thank you! Glad you like Matsuri’s look, and love that you feel inspired. 。◕‿◕。 ♥♥♥
Fiones: Love this look totally would wear everything, she rocks the hair and the contrast of dark glasses is wicked, love the jacket, feeling inspired now cheers :)
Kjeld Duits: @karyn: It was cut by boy


Shirt – My Shirt
T-Shirt – Anbil
Shorts – N/A
Pants – N/A
Sneakers – NIKE

120325-7014: Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo (My Shirt, Anbil, NIKE)
Monday March 26, 2012
Hiroshi(BuCCI): @Sha-Sonja Wilson:I’m glad to hear that!! From now on, Try hard about fashion. Thank you!!
Kjeld Duits: @Sha-Sonja Wilson: Thank you!
Sha-Sonja Wilson: this pic makes me happy. thank u Butti-san for expressing yourself!


Top – N/A
Shorts – N/A
Shoes – Nike

Thursday March 1, 2012
Kjeld Duits: @Diana: Maybe your parents wanted you grow into a goddess? ^_- I had a look at the sites of both colleges. Do they offer fashion courses? Can’t really find them… Or are you not planning to study fashion?
Diana: @Kjeld: Haha I did, but I never thought about it in terms of the Roman goddess haha :) I did it because I wanted to go by my first name. As for what college I am going to, I am not 100% sure yet. I am deciding between Texas Tech and Texas A&M at the moment. When I decide which one I choose, I will let you know :D
Kjeld Duits: @Diana: I see that you changed your name to Diana, the virgin goddess who had the power to talk to and control animals. ^^ Wonderful to hear that JAPANESE STREETS has had such a strong and positive influence on you. Congrats on graduating! What college are you planning to go to?


Coat – N/A
T-Shirt – N/A
Pants – Lacoste
Shoes – NIKE

111229-1987: Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo ( Lacoste, NIKE, The Ginza Special)
Sunday January 15, 2012
Beauty Follower: Great sneakers!
Kjeld Duits: @Echo77: Yes, Hiroshi has a great understanding of what works on him.
Echo77: I love how the colors are in feminine sense of thinking but don’t look too feminine on him.