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Blouse – Momo (shop)
Tank Top – (self)
Skirt – N/A
Sneakers – Swimmer

Sunday July 7, 2013
Kjeld Duits: @andy: I actually mentioned Pipi to Kurebayashi when I photographed her, but she was unfamiliar with Lindgren’s masterpiece.
andy: i would say this is the japanese response on pippi longstocking (that famous crazy chick with a horse and a monkey living in her house, once created by a. lindgren in sweden)
Min: First time I’ve ever seen her and I have to say; CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!!!!!


T-Shirt – Kikuya
Kachusha – Claire’s
Skirt – N/A
Tights – Momo
Shoes – 6%DOKIDOKI

Monday March 4, 2013
Kjeld Duits: @Andrea: They are so sweet, aren’t they! I have to shoot them more often.
Andrea: I love that you photograph Yuko and Vani who work at 6%DOKIDOKI. I went in there twice when I was in Japan and those girls were so excited I came in and were explaining everything to me. They were really sweet! It ended up being one of my favorite stores solely because those two girls were so friendly and passionate about 6%DOKIDOKI :)
Kjeld Duits: @Mika: Yes, 6%DOKIDOKI is amazing. It’s very small, actually, but like a little paradise filled with treasures. As if you stumbled into a fairytale. You feel like Alice after she fell into Wonderland, mesmerized.