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Dress – MALAIKAJPY 4,500
Shoes – N/A

120624-9745 - Japanese photographer Miya Kishimura (MALAIKA, Maki)
Friday June 29, 2012
ryuuji;GASM: MIYAN ;___; Omg~ i absolutely love her ;3; I Miss pudding alamode, i miss her piercings /sad~ But she’s still so cute as always ♥ (sorry my bad english ;-;) Thank u for the photos and the interview~ ♥
Nyurah: @Maria, yes me too, or like those traditionel japanese dolls. But it looks great on her!
Kjeld Duits: @Lactose Intoler-Art: I was really happy to run into Miya again after all those years. She is an amazing photographer and has great style herself. @Maria: This is the first time that I saw them completely. Cool, eh!