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110911-9491:Harajuku, Tokyo, J.FERRY
Thursday September 22, 2011
Kjeld Duits: @Rose: Thanks. I am really happy that we can inspire you. Over the next few months we intend to widen our scope a bit, and hopefully can inspire you even more. ^^ @Amy: This look has been around for a few years already in one form or another, so it might have started in Japan. Although the cross-over influences are myriad these days. ^_- We didn’t photograph it before because we focused very strictly on Harajuku style. But we are widening our net these days to give an even better view of Japanese fashion.
Amy: This and the one with shorts that may be today’s shot…. my first though was ‘very American’… although maybe we got it from you? Either way I LOVE this outfit, super cute, esp the shoes and skirt.
Rose: thank you for allways taking these great photos, they really inspire me. I’m studying in a fashion school, and you and your objects really help me get all the inspiration that I need. :D