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Shirt – Yohji Yamamoto (remade)
Pants – N/A

Saturday June 29, 2013
(: Monik :): Electrifying… just like white canvas right before the painter starts his piece of art…
Mimi chan: Oh gosh, he’s gorgeous! His face is beautiful…
Kjeld Duits: @Amber: I really liked the paint on the shirt. And then I saw it was a Yohji Yamamoto shirt… The hamburger cruncher came on top of that. ^^


Dress – fig
Bag – frapbois
Shoes – N/A

120805-7607 - Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo (LIMCODE, fig, frapbois)
Thursday August 16, 2012
Nyurah: @Kjeld: I guess felt is still better than wool in summer. And well they do look good…^^ And as long as they’re not made from fur… :)
Kjeld Duits: @Nyurah: I didn’t check, but it looks like felt to me. Actually, at the moment neon colored beanies are very popular. They must be extremely hot, but you see them everywhere…
Nyurah: What kind of fabric was the cap made from? Because it looks a little like wool, but I guess it’s still too hot for a wool-cap? To me she rather looks like she came out from a salon instead of going in :) Really cute


Jacket – MA-1
T-Shirt – UNIQLO (self-adjusted)
Camisole – N/A
Tights – Nadia
Sneakers – Reebok X Jun Watanabe

120407-9250 Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo (MA-1, UNIQLO, Nadia, Reebok X Jun Watanabe, Bas Kosters, Malaika, pussy-noize, Frapbois)
Monday April 9, 2012
Kjeld Duits: @Mirry: During the past few days I did two more shoots with Marina. She has gone even more extreme. But still rocks it. Coolness must run through her blood.
Mirry: Most of her style is not something I’d be drawn to normally, but she totally rocks it! She’s a gorgeous girl with a cool look to her.
Safiya: I adore her make-up and hair. 0.0 she is so cool.


Shirt – UNIQLO
Jacket – eatable
Pants – keisuke kanda
Leggings – muji
Sneakers – nadia

111123-0285: Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo (guild, UNIQLO, eatable, keisuke kanda, muji, nadia, frapbois, MACARONIC)
Friday December 23, 2011
Kjeld Duits: @ela: Few prostitutes work the streets in Japan. They usually work at a so called soap lands or get their clients through internet sites, so they don’t need to signal their availability through clothing. Many look just like a typical housewife.
ela: @Kjeld: That’s an interesting point and it makes sense. Things like thigh high socks do seem more accepted in Japan as normal fashion than they are in the USA. What do the Japanese prostitutes wear that sets them apart from Western ones?
Kjeld Duits: @Lactose Intoler-Art & ela: I think that many of the gyaru are from a different stratum of Japanese society, where displaying skin is not as taboo as among the higher and middle classes. Incidentally, Japanese prostitutes don’t dress like Western ones, so what you describe as “prostitute looking tights and super mini skirts and high heeled boots,” Brandon, would interestingly not bring a prostitute to mind to many Japanese.


Blouse – Vivienne Westwood
Pants – N/A
Socks – Frapbois
Shoes – Vivienne Westwood + melissa

Sunday July 4, 2010
vivienne westwood: The vivienne westwood shoes,vivienne westwood melissa are so hot!!!
Kjeld Duits: @julia: True. I guess in the West VW is used quite differently. Most of the people that I shoot in Japan wearing VW manage to make it look cute. Kawaii still rules here! @sabrina: Great observation. I love the lack of logo’s , too.
sabrina: she’s all brand but you wouldn’t know it unless you were brand obsessed, love the no logo brand look!