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Bon Sono


Coat – Public Inter Season
Shoes – Givenchy

Visitor at the G.V.G.V. show at the Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo

Saturday March 27, 2010
Deborah Ferguson: I love the fearless street style in Japan!! as a street style/fashion blogger myself in NYC, LA and London i can appreciate and respect the photographer finding these amazing people!!
Kjeld Duits: @gionbaby: But he has used those genes well with the clothes and hairstyle he selected for himself. Talking about harmony: Shingo came to the G.V.G.V. show together with Ayumi Watanabe. I had originally planned to upload all the images within 2 hours after we shot them, but we were short of people and I fell completely behind. So unfortunately, Shingo and Ayumi became separated.
gionbaby: I look at the pictures above and I see harmony with a big “H”. So great! <3 And that little purple in Shingo’s hair is plain awesome. Going terribly well with the neutral colour(s) of his outfit. I love his pretty complexion and jawline too.(゚∀゚ ) I know this latter has nothing to do with fashion though, only genes. :P