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Mote-kei magazine for women in their 10s and 20s

Ray attracts women in their late 10s and early 20s. It is similar to CanCam and is strongly mote-kei. Mote-kei is a very popular style in Japan. It is the pinnacle of femininity without showing off with sexual appeal or individuality. The idea is to attract the widest possible interest from men, mote meaning ‘being popular with the other sex’. The poster girl for mote-kei is CanCam model Yuri Ebihara.

Ray has a circulation of 244,000 and is published by Shufu no Tomo which also publishes Shufu no Tomo, Como, Hana*chu, éf, cawaii, GISELe, mina, SCawaii, Yuu Yuu and many other magazines.

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Feb 24, 2008 (4858 days ago)


Mar 11, 2008 (4843 days ago)


fatima tobias
Mar 13, 2008 (4841 days ago)

when i first bought this mag I totally love it
i dun regret buying it (quite expensive here)
however the issue was backdated about 2 month in my country. i dun find any revealing and naughty fashion in here which is GOOD. keep up the good work! But why the models are always the same…

Apr 10, 2008 (4812 days ago)

Using the same models is an effective strategy of many Japanese fashion magazines. Customers buy the magazine because they are fans of the models. Many Japanese magazine models are known for the magazine they appear in.

Kjeld Duits (author)
Apr 10, 2008 (4812 days ago)

i like tis magazine

Jun 13, 2008 (4749 days ago)

I like Ray magazine a lot. Unfortunately readers in my country complain about their working system. The models they chose were not as pretty as Japanese’s issue. At least the editor should have more sense in finding local models who can represent Japanese’s style or match Ray’s concept. Another thing is that the delay of its delivery.

Jul 12, 2008 (4719 days ago)

Joyce, They use the same models from japan, they dont make the magainze in english and change their models. What do you mean?

Jul 23, 2008 (4709 days ago)

The Magazine rocks!!! Totally Good!!
enhanced my fashion sense tremendously!!!!

Aug 21, 2008 (4679 days ago)

I buy Ray every month because I love their teaching make up and fashion update.

Oct 27, 2009 (4248 days ago)

I recently came back from Japan and got a copy of the June issue, I love it. It has so many bits and pieces to look at. So many ideas and so refreshing compared to what is available in Australia for this type of fashion magazine. If only the postage from Japan to Australia is more affordable, I would subscribe without hesitation.

julie moon
Jun 3, 2010 (4029 days ago)

i’m thinking of getting this magazine…but i want to know if it’s got bad or inappropiate pictures in it. cause i’m 14 an want to know if i should be looking at it. please tell me if it’s ok!

Jun 30, 2010 (4002 days ago)

@Carolyn: I don’t know what you consider inappropriate, but the last time I looked at an edition of Ray there was nothing in it that struck me as something that might shock someone of your age. So, yes, I think Ray is fine for you.

You can purchase copies of Ray at Amazon Japan.

Full disclosure: the above link features our associate ID. JAPANESE STREETS gets a tiny commission on the sale. So, when you use this link to purchase copies of Ray, you’ll help us to keep this site up-to-date! Thanks in advance.

Kjeld Duits (author)
Jun 30, 2010 (4002 days ago)

I just saw this in Thailand and toally love it! I tried searching in both Ebay and Amazon(Japan*shipping cost too high*), but do not have Eng or Thai version, anybody know where to get?

Jan 27, 2011 (3791 days ago)

omg im in love with your magazine its fresh and stays focused on fashion.

Arisa Hirouchi
May 9, 2011 (3689 days ago)

Well put Arisa, couldn’t agree more!

Julie Moon
May 9, 2011 (3689 days ago)

it comes in English here in Malaysia :)
love the cute fashion spreads <3

Oct 20, 2012 (3158 days ago)

The Ray is one of the magazines for teenagers and twenties. This magazine is published monthly. I really love this magazine and it helps me in many aspects. The cover of the Ray captivates readers because it is used famous or popular models and written the special section with a big font. We can notice quickly what the content is when we see it. As for me, when I buy a magazine, I care about these things and decide whether I buy it or not.
When we turn over pages, we find a lot of information including fashion, hair style, make up, losing weight, brand’s advertisements, fortune-telling and also a special section. The Ray has the variety of fashion styles, for example, casual, elegance, girlie styles, so it helps us to decide what kinds of clothes we should wear and to catch up with the trend. I often find styles I want to buy in this magazine and I can chose clothes quickly when I go to stores. There are many brand shops in the magazine and almost all clothes are not that expensive. So if we find a favorite one, you can buy it.
In addition, there is a section which tells us how we can wear an item of clothes in many different combinations. I really like the section because I can refer to the combination of clothes I already have. It gives us new coordinates and we don’t need to buy a lot of new clothes.
Not only clothes but hair style and make-up sections help me. Sometimes, I think that I want to change my make-up and hair style. At that time, I see the sections and try to copy it. By doing so, I can see the different appearances than usual and you also can do that.
In this month, the Ray has two special sections. One is how to make a good body. Many women care about their body shape, so it contains information about how to exercise and what kinds of food we should eat for beauty. The exercise is very easy and we can do it every time, everywhere, at home. It provides useful information to women who want to lose weight.
Another section is the fortune-telling. That is one of my favorite section. The Ray always contains this section but in this month, there are many kinds of fortune-tellings. We can get much information and some advice from them. It depends on you whether you believe them or not.
Even though I like this magazine in general, there are some negative points. The Ray has only a few fashion styles for university students. In other magazines for teenagers and twenties, there are many styles of the real university students. I am interested in what kinds of clothes they wear when they go to school and want to refer to their styles. Moreover, I think the price is a little bit expensive. It costs 650 yen without a supplement. Other magazines have a supplement like a bag or pouch at the same cost. It should have a supplement or should be published cheaply. I think that it will be better to consider about these things and can get more readers.
Actually, I’m a big fan of it and I like the contents even though I have negative views.

Dec 20, 2013 (2732 days ago)

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