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Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection of Japanese fashion brand G.V.G.V. on March 25, 2010, during the Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo.

Sunday March 28, 2010
Kjeld Duits: @camiladelguercio: Japan attracts a wide variety of models. In the building where I stay, many models of the JFW are staying as well; they speak a rainbow of languages. It’s Dolores Schmöll in the first picture. Pretty amazing to find an Argentinian model so far away from home.
NucleolusEgoist: How you perceive these fashion designs really only depends on whether you’re looking at it, and asking yourself: “is it wearable?” or “is it too extreme?” compared to looking at them “artistically.”

Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection of Japanese fashion brand KAMISHIMA CHINAMI on March 25, 2010, during the Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo.

Sunday March 28, 2010
NucleolusEgoist: I like the models’ angular faces. It plays up the looks and keeps the hairstyles from looking too…well, I’ll leave you to fill in the blank. Though strange, the hairstyles seem fitting in color and shape. The shape, the sharp edges of it, contrasts with the soft designs of the clothes and the earth-toned hues keep it tied together rather than using bold colors. (However, I don’t think I’m capable of pulling it off in everyday life.) I’m going this by my instinct.
Kjeld Duits: Thanks, Marie. I was lucky as she happened to look straight at me. It gives this image much impact. I was wondering why you had become so quiet. Now I know. Speak to you tomorrow at the meeting!
Marie Sasago: I LOVE the last picture, Kjeld! It’s so artistic and all. I’ll print it and display in my room, seriously.haha By the way, I’m afraid but I’ve been away from my hometown for a while and haven’t been able to afford to go online very often. I’ll talk to you very soon!

Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection of Japanese fashion brand Matohu on March 25, 2010, during the Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo.

Sunday March 28, 2010
clea walford: Kjeld Duits, yes, I absolutely agree with you! Guess I forgot to mention that I was referring to dress no. 28 the last time…
Kjeld Duits: @cleawalford: there’s something elegant, yet casual, about matohu’s designs, don’t you think?
cleawalford: I like all the photos and outfits, but if I had to choose, I’ll go for this one. Clea Walford


Jacket – (self-made)
Skirt – N/A
Leggings – N/A
Shoes – Adidas

Visitor at the GUT’S DYNAMITE CABARETS show at the Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo.

Saturday March 27, 2010
Kjeld Duits: @Anna: Anzu is a wonderful person and a lot fun to be with!
Anna Hoskin: she’s so happy and adorable, it really comes across in her style, too.
Kjeld Duits: @ojisanbaka: Those lips are really cute, eh! I forgot to ask her if she actually uses them as a pocket. I think they are only for display. I thought of my lips are sealed when I photographed them.

Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection of Japanese fashion brand GUT’S DYNAMITE CABARETS on March 26, 2010, during the Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo.

Friday March 26, 2010
LuDaj: so sad to see so many fur… and people enjoying it
Kjeld Duits: @kagitsune: Thanks. Fur was quite visible at many shows, and I also see lots of fur on the street these days. I wonder if the comeback of fur is limited to Japan, although I have read articles that it is happening in other countries, too. Do check GUT’S out, they are fun!
kagitsune: I adore the patches and the fur collars, especially the third photo! So unique and playful, almost visionary. And the models have the most interesting faces… I’ll have to check out this brand!!


Style: Lolita
Coat – Keisuke Kanda
Skirt – N/A
Shoes – myu myu

Friday March 26, 2010
nanaa: i checked the syrup website, and the catalog are really great!
Kjeld Duits: I think so, too, gionbaby. Vivid colors would look really lovely. I would also love to see her completely in white, though. She has something very pure about her.
gionbaby: @Marie Sasago: Thank you so much for the response. :) I’ve checked the syrup website. It is so interesting!! :D Especially the concept: 「うさぎも くまも ずっと ずっと 一緒にいられたら きっと しあわせ。」 :D The design of the website is very cute too. I also love the materials and colours they are working with. It made me think what you said about the vivid colours and I am sure Ayumi would look awesome wearing them! For example turquoise (something similar to her shoes but if she would wear it closer to her face) or green. That would be lovely. :)