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Skirt – les Briqu’ a braque
Shoes – JORDAN

Saturday December 4, 2010
Keekii: The colors on her cardigan are really fresh and happy, it brightens up her outfit immensely! I think her tights are very cute with the feathers design and very unique too. I agree that the shoes look a bit out of place, but maybe she didn’t have any other pair to match with the outfit. I personally don’t own many pairs of shoes and sometimes you just don’t have those perfect shoes you think will go perfectly with your coordinate. I’ll never stop being amazed how the people you “snap” keep coming up with a new and original look each time. It’s amazing.
Kjeld Duits: @Etsune: Good luck! By the way, using asterisks before and after a word formats the word in bold, as you experienced above.If you want the asterisks to show, you need to add a space before and after the word. * like this * Click on the help link (below “Leave a Comment”) to see how the formatting works on JS.
Etsune: @Kjeld: Yes, I responded after your encouragement =) If I the shirt isn’t too expensive, then I will try to buy it. Maybe =) Thanks! You see? There goes ANOTHER thing I couldn’t have found without this site! beams


Beret – override
Coat – keisuke kanda
Skirt – keisuke kanda
Boots – N/A

Thursday December 2, 2010
Kjeld Duits: @ Etsune: Oh, I like them a lot, Etsune. Considering what you would pay for boots like these in Japan, I think the price is not so bad, but I don’t know your finances of course. ^^ It all depends on what you want to wear them with. And I think the most important thing is how you feel about them yourself, and if you think they are worth the money. I don’t think it is a good idea to buy something because other people say it’s cool or looks good on you. You end up becoming blind to your own needs and likes, and you’ll never develop your own style. My main slogan for making decisions is “When in doubt, don’t.” I rarely regret the things I passed up this way. And because I am really sure about the decisions I make, I never regret the ones that finally don’t work out as well as I had hoped either. Perhaps wait a few days, and if you feel that you still want them real bad, go and get them? (Assuming you actually have the money—don’t get yourself in debt for them!) Oh no! Kind of sounds like I’m your daddy. LOL
Etsune: @Mai: Thank you for the pictures for giving me many reasons to comment! I adore this site =) You have no idea how much this site has influenced the way I shop for clothes. Now, I always think, “Is this something that someone in Japan would wear?”. And most of the time, it is. And thanks! I am honored by the fact that people have really taken to the “Keisuke Panda” thing =) @Kjeld: And as of right now, I am contemplating whether or not to buy a pair of shoes. They are kind of expensive, but I may get them….Not to be rude and spamish (and if you don’t want me to do it, then i promise not to do it again…), but can I get a quick opinion from you? These shoes are expensive and I don’t want to regret buying them… Thank you. sperrys
mai: @ALL:Thank you so much! @Nicole:I often see this umbrella in Harajuku Takeshita street… If I can, I want to send it to you… I hope you get it. @Etsune:Always, thank you for a lot of comments! You made me happy! Keisuke kanda-san, please check JS! And, please design the panda motif.


Jacket – N/A
Pants – N/A
Shoes – adidas

Wednesday December 1, 2010
Arisu: this is just awesome, I love everything about the outfit ! (especially the jacket ;) )
Kjeld Duits: @Kui: We have been putting links at the bottom of the photos to help you find items like the ones shown in the photographs (see the links below Suggested Items for this Style above). Here are some red and black plaid jackets for sale on ebay. Hope you find one you like. Have fun shopping!
Kui: I love his plaid jacket it reminds me of old punk for some reason, now I want one, now where to find one in the states lol


Jacket – (self-made)
Pants – N/A
Shoes – Dog (shop)

Tuesday November 30, 2010
Sonya A.: what a handsome young man! I like his bag-he’s very artistic in his choice of clothes-like a work of art himself…
Kui: o my god! I love his outfit! This is sooo cool I want it I don’t care if it is boys clothes or not I just want it! I hope he don’t mind if I raided his closet lol just kidding I wont do that but I would not mind going shopping with him I like his style =)
Tofu: he is cute ! and wears great clothes


Dress – boessert shorn
Leggings – UNIQLO
Shoes – Reebok

Monday November 29, 2010
Kui: I love her hair cut, I always get crazy hair cuts next I want either a pompador or something crazy! lol I can make the earrings and such since I make necklaces and earrings so I can try making the necklace lol since I don’t have the money to go out and buy it =)
Etsune: @Kjeld: That’s very true. I’ve thought of that, but I don’t know who would do that for me. Thank you!
Kjeld Duits: @Etsune: Yes, or perhaps a friend can help you out sometimes and do the buying for you.


Coat – The Dress & Co.
Dress – The Dress & Co.
Boots – The Dress & Co.

Sunday November 28, 2010
superstar: LOVE
Kjeld Duits: @Tonya Vinny: I was really surprised when I saw how many Yuko wears.
Tonya Vinny: I am so much in love with her rings! Very light and cute outfit ^^