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Color on the Street: Midnight Blue

With the days getting shorter in Japan, people are becoming blue. Literally.

Mel: Loving the blue trend!
The life after: Blue is amazing… I’m looking for some electric blue jeans… Hope to find them!
Kjeld Duits: @Lactose Intoler-Art: Thanks, Brandon. The ubiquity of this color actually surprised Anzu and me.

color-top-template: Harajuku-Tokyo

Some Like it Furry

This season anything that seems even remotely furry is loved in Harajuku. From antique to fake to animal print to fluffy pink nylon garments.

111112-6795-AY: Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo


Poncho – rienda
Boots – FLAGJ

111112-6705-AY: Erika-Harajuku-Tokyo-DURAS-rienda-FLAGJ
Thursday November 24, 2011
Anzu Yahagi: @Mel: I think so too! Her style is elegant :)
Mel: Very cute! Not necessarily creative, but well matched. Very British High Street!

Color on the Street: Aromatic Brown

Lots of brown on the streets this Autumn. Café au lait, caramel, chocolate, which flavor do you want?

Maria: To me brown is a must, it is elegant, modest and easy to play with in outfits n_n

111103-6420.1: harajuku-tokyo-color-on-the-street-aromatic-brown


Sweater – MURUA
Skirt – MURUA
Boots – MURUA

Wednesday November 23, 2011
Anzu Yahagi: @John & Mel: This colour scheme really becomes her.
Mel: Love the colour scheme! Chic.
John: Simple, elegant, and such a nice smile.


Dress – NADIA
Sneakers – CONVERSE

111112-6650-AY: Yuko-Harajuku-Tokyo-IrieYawd-NADIA-H&M-CONVERSE-AVANTGARDE-TOPSHOP
Tuesday November 22, 2011
Kjeld Duits: @Eric: Really sorry to hear that!
Erica: Love those shoes. I’ve been trying to find a way to order some to be shipped to NY. But no luck :(
Anzu Yahagi: @MaliceInWonderland & Shiroko: Tattoo tights are very popular among Shibuya and Harajuku girls now ;) Check out this shop: AVANTGARDE!!