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JFW S/S 2011: araisara

Soft silk chiffons, crisp cottons and gentle blouson drapes


JFW S/S 2011: Hiroko Koshino

After finding inspiration in far-away countries in previous collections, Hiroko Koshino has come back to her Japanese roots


62 Rules for Living in a Forest

Four years ago, the Mori (Forest) Girl community was launched on Mixi. It has more than 60 rules.

Princess Starlight: I am a true forest girl, I grew up in the forest. The changing seasons, the falling snow, the glittering stars. These things leave an indelible impression on a person’s soul in a unique way, bueaty so glorious you want to cry & laugh, to dance & stand very still. I no longer live in the forest but on a city block but I find the forest bueaty here too, growing in the sidewalk cracks and spreading in the branches of park trees. The peace of a forest is only to be fully grasped fully known through the Creator of the forest, the wily dandelions, and the clipped hedges we think we make to grow.
petra enloe: i think the “fair skinned” is a little racist. i feel like one can have dark skin and still look absolutely adorable dressed in the mori girl style
Kjeld Duits: @Lydianon: I must admit I am to familiar with Dark Mori, so can’t answer your question.


Hat – Chaihane (shop)
Haori – N/A
Dress – Pageboy
Skirt – N/A
Sandals – N/A

Saturday August 28, 2010
athena: I love her style! Love the kimono-like jacket, her hat, don´t get me started:))
code_name_kohaku: I love it! Tres Chic! I noticed the kimono boukazari (had to copy-paste that one!) too, on a few different girls and thought it looked bizzare yet totally complimented their outfits. I find it very cool, and I’m looking for my own, actually. I love her haori, especially with the brown skirt. And she has such an open, likeable face, I’ll bet she’s funny and easy to talk to once you get to know her! Love the hair streaks, too!
Animeche: She looks so cute! Her bohemian style is relaxing and nice♥


Blouse – N/A
Pants – Lumifuna

Friday August 27, 2010
Etsune: I like this! I’d like the pants more if they were fitted, but still. And I love the makeup! Also, the phone cover is AWESOME. Really creative!
eko: aneh tuh gayanya i am indonesian
Kjeld Duits: Thanks for all the great comments. I think Matsuri has an amazing look, and Marie caught it really well.


Shirt (blue) – TOPSHOP
Shorts – N/A
Leggings – H&M
Shoes – ZARA

Thursday August 26, 2010
wani: i love her shoes n glasses..awesome…=)
geli: super like! :D cool. 8)
Etsune: She’s gorgeous! Now this is another one of those outfits I could see someone in America wearing.