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By Emi Kusano


Pants – Monomania (shop)
T-shirt – Monomania (shop)

Thursday August 19, 2010
Kjeld Duits: @zombie guy ost: You are in luck. Here is a link to the Monomania shop. The site is in Japanese and they don’t ship abroad, but you can use the White Rabbit Express service. They purchase the items you want for you and then ship them to you. I know them personally; they are dependable. It’s wonderful to see you care so much for your girlfriend! By the way, Hosaka (the person in this shoot) works at Monomania. ^^
zombie guy ost: My girlfriend likes this brand, but says she cant find it in America. I was just wondering if there's a way I can get this online, like a specific website that has this brand and ships it, or any stores in NYC that could have this? I would greatly appreciate it, and it'll mean a lot to me since she means a lot to me. Thanks.
Etsune: He’s so hot.


T-Shirt – Patrik Söderstam
Shorts – N/A
Shoes – Nike

Wednesday August 18, 2010
Kjeld Duits: @Lactose Intoler-Art & FNG: Thanks for catching the typo. Fixed it. Correct spelling is Patrik Söderstam. Thanks for the background info, FNG.
FNG: @Lactose Intoler-Art Patrik Soderstam is a fashion designer! He’s low key, though, because he’s a recent graduate of CSM in London. The shirt is actually very similar to some Henrik Vibskov/Cassette Playa/Walter Van Bierendonck shirts which featured graphic phallic imagery but became very popular within Copenhagen and New York. It’s not so much about shock value, but these designers are legitimately “loony”! If you’ve seen any visual artist’s work, they’re very fascinated with sex, sexuality and the phallus, and fashion designers who are trained in the art are very similar in terms of interests! This is not very shocking or unusual for an art student to see, but I guess i understand why the general public is a bit weirded out!
Lactose Intoler-Art: **Just in case you guys were curious, I think the brand of his t-shirt may be more commonly known as “Patrik Soderstam.” I just realized this because I saw a different t-shirt by the same company on another site, then did a google search, and realized it was the same brand. When I searched it including the “Pateik”, I couldn’t find much. I think its a very avant-garde, illustration/art (maybe?) based brand. Hope this helps some! Every design is not like this by the way in case you guys were wondering, but I think there is a definitely a “shock value” aspect to this brand.


Shirt – Evil Twin
Pants – Top Shop
Shoes – N/A

Tuesday August 17, 2010
Yukishou: Great outfit, i do agree on the bag…but everything else is great so who cares,heh. Her face looks so calm but there’s thought in those eyes.
Leigh: I love this,, nothing is wrong with this outfit<3
Etsune: I really like this! It’s so cute =)


Style: Punk

Jacket – Kinji (shop)
Shirt – (self made)
Pants – N/A (used)
Boots – APOLO

Monday August 16, 2010
Etsune: AWW! He look so precious! His face makes him seem very innocent
Kjeld Duits: @Meg: Thanks. @aura: And he cut it himself! @Keekii: Good idea, anything かわいい will look well with this bag.
Keekii: I love his bag. I think quilted bags are really nice because of their texture and seeing a quilted bags for males is really great. I wouldn’t mind having a bag like that as well, but I think I might add a かわいい key-chain to add a feminine touch, which of course is because I’m a girl ;D

Occupation: STUDENT, 18

Style: Vintage

Dress – Kinji (shop)
Tights – 666 (shop)
Boots – Kitakore (shop)

Saturday August 14, 2010
HennaMackoin: Why did I only notice this look now?! It’s really charming, I like the vintage look, the look reminds me of Audrey Hepburn! The dress is just fabulous with those holes around the neck, her hair is classy and most of all, that bag…. Pure love <3
bahlee: those shoes are to die for!!
Kjeld Duits: @Papasan: A table might be OK. But a bag that you drop into a chair, onto a floor, and gets squeezed in a crowded train or subway needs to be both tough and pliable. But the bag that Mash has shows that it is possible.


Style: Gothic

Blouse – Anti Rosa
Dress – G2?
Shoes – Ashinaga Ojisan

Friday August 13, 2010
Glenda: Love everything about this oufit! :)
Teru-Kamijo: Beautiful =)
Johnny: She combined the elements of the style nicely. It’s simple, but still has elements of flash to it. Most importantly from my perspective… is that its very cohesive. Everything comes together into a nice look. Even the elements which would seem out of place from the traditional standpoint of the style. That to me set’s her apart from those that put together a more typical goth look.