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By Emi Kusano


Coat – Ryu
Dress – GARTER
Boots – GARTER

110304-4508-EK: Harajuku, Tokyo, Ryu, GARTER
Sunday April 3, 2011
thelittleworldoffashion: Love the custom on the Iphone ;)
Bree: love her shoes
Vale: Love this blog ! I am so in love with japanese street style, so original ! :-) Keep up the good work – from Italy, Vale
Sunday January 30, 2011
princess gabunales: i like the idea of layering the leather jacket and those multiple zippers
Yukishou: I love that jacket,grr i need one. The sleeve length and the arrangement of zippers is awesome. Also, i love how he added that bag,it really stands out, i mean if its hard to notice a black outfit in a sea of fashion trends but that bag helps.Great outfit, he also reminds me of my friend nick,same hair,stance, clothing choice. Funny.
Charlotte Conrad: You are beautiful! I want those earrings! (swoon)


Coat – Forever 21
Cardigan – blue de savon
Shirt – blue de savon
Shorts – blue de savon
Tights – N/A
Shoes – Mujirushi

Saturday January 29, 2011
Emme: Wearable and wonderful combination of colors! I’m sharing it as inspiration on Facebook.
kay: luv the tights!!
Max: Very Nice Indeed


Jacket – BROWNY
Pants – Christopher Nemeth
Shoes – Timberland

110120-6102-EK: Harajuku, Tokyo, BROWNY, Nemeth, Timberland
Friday January 28, 2011
Lucy: Im from Uruguay! I wanna know ! XDD why did he named himself like that lol.
Kjeld Duits: @mayte: I haven’t met Uruguay yet (Emi shot these images), but I will ask him when I do. Actually, we usually insist on using the real name, so this has made me curious, too.
mayte: I am curious about why he calls himself URUGUAY? My parents are from Uruguay!


Vest – EKAM
Shirt – banal chic bizarre
Pants – banal chic bizarre × black means
Shoes – banal chic bizarre

110120-6070-EK: Harajuku, Tokyo, banal chic bizarre × black means
Thursday January 27, 2011
Maria: @John hahaha…I like that song xD Indeed, lot of people who discover japanese fashion think like they have discover some awesome fashion world so different from what the have seen before. That’s one of the reasons I like Japan, crazy-but-great original fashion sense, just like Li Lium’s n_n
John: Going through the fashions here, makes me realize how boring fashion is here in Holland. Going to move to Japan! Turning japanese, i think im turning japanese, do you think so?!
Kjeld Duits: @Maria: ^^


Muffler – N/A
Coat – Forever 21
Shirt – Heather
Pants – SLY
Shoes – N/A

110120-6147-EK: Harajuku, Tokyo, Forever 21, Heather, SLY
Saturday January 8, 2011
Kjeld Duits: @Aleksandr: Ha, interesting that you automatically equate suggestive clothing with looking attractive. I think that many Japanese women (not all) would disagree. They don’t think suggestive clothing is attractive, just slutty.
Aleksandr: seriously? Of course there are women, but I do not think they are doing it with clothes) this anti-advertising? Or they do not like to be attractive?
Kjeld Duits: @Aleksandr: I have been wondering about that. Perhaps Chitose did this on purpose to avoid that sexy look it would create. Many young Japanese women purposely try to avoid suggestive clothing.