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Jacket – N/A (used)
Muffler – N/A
Shirt – N/A (used)
Dress – BEAMS
Pants – Yohji Yamamoto
Shoes – N/A (used)

101211-8718-MT: Street fashion Harajuku, Tokyo, Yohji Yamamoto, HENRIK VIBSKOV, BEAMS
Sunday December 26, 2010
morgan: this is really amazing. i love how large his scarf is, and i really like the way it makes his upper body look larger and then his long coat and shirt make his body look SO long. i really really love this.
Yukishou: I love this look, comfy looking.
Etsune: @Darth: Heh, same thing here in America. Only so many people have a style here that is just not creative any more, if you ask me! Many girls here wear ugg boots, miss me jeans, and a v-neck top or something of the sort, and its always the same, boring thing. I know that the way I dress at school, I look completely out of place because i don’t wear ANYTHING like what most people wear. I don’t even wear jeans anymore (because I feel too restricted in them…) And I honestly think that scarf is my ultimate favorite thing about his outfit. I just love scarves, like i stated earlier….


Coat – N/A
Pants – (used)
Shoes – SOU SOU

101211-8623-MT: Street fashion Harajuku, Tokyo, NOZOMI ISHIGURO, SOU・SOU, Vivienne Westwood, Undercover
Friday December 24, 2010
Aga: Striking and dramatic, this photo reminds me why I miss and need a dose of Harajuku.
Kjeld Duits: @Leah B. & Maria: Really happy you like Junichi’s looks so much! I hand’t noticed that the earrings actually match Junichi’s tabi shoes, Maria; you are right!
Maria: wow, he is from a different era! except for the shoes n_n’‘ Really like the whole thing, specially like it because I like all those brands xD So cool how his earring matches his shoes :D


Coat – (used)
Shirt – BIG TIME (shop)
Pants – (used)

101208-8527-MT: Street fashion Harajuku, Tokyo, Belly Button
Wednesday December 22, 2010
KazePT: The jacket – The bag – The shirt I think I need them! Hehe :D Yuji seems to be a very cool man!!
Kjeld Duits: @Maria: Haha, no problem. I had to take a second look myself. And I knew that Yuji is a man’s name. ^^
Maria: D: oh no…sorry sorry (>___<)’‘ Anyway I still like his outfit :) I was wondering why there was data about his hair, now I read it: color only n_n Everytime I look at this shots I like them more and more hehehe ^^