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Harajuku's Epic Battle of the Unicorns

Sep 11 2012: Under the title Rainbow Dream Project, several members of the popular Harajuku Fashion Walk group got together last Saturday. They were easy to spot. Each one wore a 6%DOKIDOKI Unicorn and Rainbow T-shirt

Kjeld Duits: @Nora: Excuse me. puking rainbows . . . ?
nora: I am puking rainbows. They all look so happy and funny. And the shots with the proud little boy are just awesome. <3 It’s interessting how much of other cool styles are to discover in the background of the photos.
Kjeld Duits: @Steve (Living in Japan): It was a lot of fun shooting, Steve!


Harajuku Style Lovers Celebrate at POP 'N' CUTE 3

Aug 13 2012: Once again, a night celebrating Kawaii fashion wrapped up in J-Rock and garnished with Harajuku art.

Steve (Living in Japan): Wow! nice shots! it looks they are really having a great time!
Kjeld Duits: @Maria: Yes, an apple design. Still rare to see people in traditional clothes with these kind of modern designs… @Liza: Yes, people really enjoyed themselves. Hope you can join one day! ^^
Liza★: It looks like they had a lot of fun!o I love Kumamiki’s new hairstyle hehe

120811-8861 - POP'N'CUTE part Volume 3 in Shibuya, Tokyo

11th Harajuku Fashion Walk

Jul 23 2012: The 11th Harajuku Fashion Walk took place on July 22. As always, JAPANESE STREETS was there

Kjeld Duits: @Noriaki Tsuchiya: Thank you. I have done that several times; I love that variety!
Noriaki Tsuchiya: Hi!Kjeldさん I like 00:50-01:10. such a variety of footwear?!
Cutie Baby: omg… amazing! i wish i could be there


10th Harajuku Fashion Walk

Jun 08 2012: The 10th Harajuku Fashion Walk took place on May 27. As always, JAPANESE STREETS was there

Kjeld Duits: @Maria: It is really cool that you are able to recognize individual people on this clip. ^_-
Maria: I love Junnyan’s EVIL cap and Maro’s choco style ^^


Tokyo Fashion and Music at POP 'N' CUTE

Apr 12 2012: The people of the Harajuku Fashion Walk organized the POP ‘N’ CUTE party on Feb 25. Kawaii fashion wrapped up in J-Rock and garnished with Harajuku art.

Kjeld Duits: @Roanne: Come and visit!
Roanne: From these photographs, the event looks like so much fun! :D I’m jealous.


9th Harajuku Fashion Walk

Mar 25 2012: The 9th Harajuku Fashion Walk took place today. JAPANESE STREETS was there

Stefanus: Hello Kjeld Duits, May ask permission to use your beautiful photos for my vlog video in Youtube. It is a hobby, you can see sample in Youtube qOt2CxlZig8. Thank you for your kindness. Stefanus Toha email:
Kjeld Duits: @Jasmin: Thanks!
Jasmin: love your blog! jasmin


8th Harajuku Fashion Walk

Dec 23 2011: The date of the next Harajuku Fashion Walk was just announced

Kjeld Duits: @Nyurah: I usually announce the events on our twitter page ^^
Nyurah: @Kjeld: Oh! Great to knwo! Will be looking out for it… ;P Thank you for letting me know!
Kjeld Duits: @Nyurah: I think there will be a POP ‘N’ CUTE event in the last week-end of April. Maybe you can make that. ^^

8th Japan Fashion Walk

Recap for November

Nov 30 2011: We have been busy as a bee recently! Lots of new photos and articles on JAPANESE STREETS. Here is a recap for November. Did you miss anything?

111112-8548-111112-8541: Intaramango, Tokyo
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