Takuya Angel

ARTiSM Market 05, Tokyo

Sep 28 2015: Tokyo’s fifth ARTiSM Market, Japan’s coolest market place for underground artists

Kjeld Duits: @alex: Megumi is one of my most favorite people to photograph.
alex: YAY!! MEGUMI AIHARA!! ❤❤❤

ARTiSM Market 02, Tokyo

Mar 01 2014: JAPANESE STREETS visited Tokyo’s second ARTiSM Market, an exhibition and sale of items created by underground artists

Kjeld Duits: @lavyuceffe: Thank you. @Deadly Bite: Yes, he is Harajuku’s “Mad Hatter” ^_-
Deadly Bite: Awesome stuff! :DDD I’ve seen Eisui Yamada and his daughter many times before, but I had no idea they were the ones actually making those hats! :O So awesome! I’ll know it from now on anyway ^^ Thanks for introducing so many amazing artists and brands!
lavyuceffe: John Herschel coined the word “photography” & Kjeld Duits brought meaning to it.



Nov 04 2013: After TAKUYA ANGEL’s fashion show at the POPNCUTE event last night, I photographed the models on a Tokyo backstreet



Nov 04 2013: POPNCUTE, Harajuku’s underground music, fashion and art event, featured Halloween and a Takuya Angel fashion show last night


Canada Welcomes Japanese Sub-Culture Stars

Jun 16 2010: Canada’s Anime North welcomed fashion designer Takuya Angel and singer Selia last month. JAPANESE STREETS’ Theo Rallis was there to record their impressions.

Kjeld Duits: Thanks, Berry.
Berry: Selia<3 Interesting article. :D

Selia and Takuya Angel at Anime North

Toronto Awaits Anime Assault

May 09 2010: Canada’s premier fan-run anime con, Anime North, is once again coming to Toronto

Anime North 2010

Traditional Japanese Colors - Modern Trad

Mar 15 2010: The resurgent popularity of kimono has given traditional Japanese colors new life. This is the second article in a series in which I explore some of these colors and their modern interpretations

Kjeld Duits: @kagitsune: I love the fashion of the 40s! I especially love the “restrained luxury” of the war years.
kagitsune: @Kjeld: Wow, that’s awesome! I’ve been on a real 1940’s kick… we’ll see what comes of it! ^^
Kjeld Duits: @kagitsune: I am totally with you on the mixing of (and learning from) different eras. I used to mix clothes from the 20’s (think pinstripe suits, straw hats, gaiters) with modern stuff and the results were always quite surprising.


Takuya Angel Goodies

Jun 06 2009: I took photographs of some Takuya Angel goodies when I visited his shop in Harajuku a while back. Never got to posting them. But, here they are now. Cool stuff!

GenkiDamaXL: Acidently here… Scouter Rocks!!!
elisa kuipers: this is wonderfull sign by times
Kjeld Duits: @Withs: Only the LED lights up. I am not sure, if I understand your question “also are those metallic pipes in plastic tube?”

Takuya Angel Goodies
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