The Perfect Lolita Make-Over

Dec 17 2013: Get a full Lolita make-over in the beating heart of Tokyo’s Harajuku

Kjeld Duits: @Kimi: Cute, eh!
Kimi: That’s a brilliant idea. Love the Alice in Wonderland Story book background!


rooms February 2012

Dec 11 2013: JAPANESE STREETS visits rooms, Tokyo’s most popular fashion trade show


20th Harajuku Fashion Walk

Nov 24 2013: JAPANESE STREETS photographed the 20th Harajuku Fashion Walk today.

Kjeld Duits: @yura: Coming up soon. I did a shoot with Lisa that day. ^^
yura: anooo…. can i ask u something??? why u didn’t capture and pic of lisa 13? hehe i’m asking this because i’m a fan of her~ >w<
Kjeld Duits: @beatriz: Yes, you’d expect that a little girl would be easily intimidated by Kyouka’s style, but I guess that children do indeed look into the hearts of people. ^_-


Pinkly Ever After: Cute and Magical

Nov 09 2013: Korean fashion designer Robin JooBin creates magical clothes that feel very Japanese


Bunka Fashion College Culture Festival 2013

Nov 04 2013: JAPANESE STREETS visited the Bunka Fashion College Bunkasai. This year’s Culture Festival celebrated the 90th anniversary since the school was founded

Kjeld Duits: @Bushae: Glad you like it, Bushae!
Bushae: Oh my God, all of these outfits are GLORIOUS!!! 8D thank you so much for sharing, Mr. Kjeld



Nov 04 2013: After TAKUYA ANGEL’s fashion show at the POPNCUTE event last night, I photographed the models on a Tokyo backstreet



Nov 04 2013: POPNCUTE, Harajuku’s underground music, fashion and art event, featured Halloween and a Takuya Angel fashion show last night


Design Festa

Nov 04 2013: Tokyo celebrates Asia’s largest art event, Design Festa

Kjeld Duits: @onegai kaeru: Good to hear from you again. Sorry that I missed you. I raced through the exposition and quickly picked exhibitors that instantly caught my eye. Naturally, I missed quite a few goodies, including your work! There were 10,000 artists, and I had only 6 hours divided over two days. I calculated that if I wanted to see each one, I would have had to see about 28 artists per minute… Thanks for saying hello. Hope we meet again, soon!
onegai kaeru: Hi Kjeld! No sure if you remember me (I am the green haired German girl with the frog meishi) and we met at the Pop n Cute Party in Shibuya once. Very nice photos from the design festa. I had been also exhibiting there – sad you didn’t come across my booth :) That would have been a surprise! Anyway just wanted to say hello :D
Kjeld Duits: @Kano Momose: I have added your information to the photo. You make beautiful products!

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