Bunka Fashion College Students Go Undergound

Apr 21 2014: Tokyo’s venerated Bunka Fashion College organizes lots of events, but sometimes students want to do their own thing


honoyo : Inspirational Stylish Fun

Apr 11 2014: Tokyo hat designer Honoyo Imai’s creations are stylish, fun, and very different…

Kjeld Duits: @Baterka: But I can understand your English. ^^
Baterka: Amazing! I really like how looking his way. (Search for school ,changes etc) Video was inspiring. :-) You can see that passion of creation. She is really charming! (Sorry for my terrible English :-))
Kjeld Duits: @Mathieu S.: Thanks, Mathieu. Yes, Honoyo is a very inspiring person. More artist than designer, I think. That attracts me to her hats even more. She gives you the opportunity to wear art in your daily life. I hope my readers will support her in a big way. Either by sharing this interview, or by purchasing one or more of her works. I really want her to succeed! She deserves it. ^^

Tokyo hat designer Honoyo Imai

Visitors at Tokyo Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2014

Mar 27 2014: While shooting the fashion shows last week JAPANESE STREETS also shot a few of the visitors

Kjeld Duits: @Angelique: Thanks! @Maria: Haha, yes, Anri’s style is very animesque, isn’t it!
Maria: ANRI looks like out of an anime! Not to mention that he looks like a really nice person ^^
Angelique: These pictures are amazing!


23rd Harajuku Fashion Walk

Mar 24 2014: Another Harajuku Fashion Walk, with more participants than ever

Lord Stardust: Omg Kyoka & Noel <3<3<3
Deadly Bite: OMG! So much pastel in this edition! :O Great pictures and outfits, as usual. Fantastic vibes :D
Kjeld Duits: @The Street Style Carousel: Thanks!


ARTiSM Market 02, Tokyo

Mar 01 2014: JAPANESE STREETS visited Tokyo’s second ARTiSM Market, an exhibition and sale of items created by underground artists

Kjeld Duits: @lavyuceffe: Thank you. @Deadly Bite: Yes, he is Harajuku’s “Mad Hatter” ^_-
Deadly Bite: Awesome stuff! :DDD I’ve seen Eisui Yamada and his daughter many times before, but I had no idea they were the ones actually making those hats! :O So awesome! I’ll know it from now on anyway ^^ Thanks for introducing so many amazing artists and brands!
lavyuceffe: John Herschel coined the word “photography” & Kjeld Duits brought meaning to it.


Bunka Fashion College Graduates Show Their Stuff 2

Feb 27 2014: It’s graduation time! JAPANESE STREETS had a look at the graduation works of Bunka Fashion College graduates

Kjeld Duits: @maliceinwonderland: Glad you liked these. It’s always fun to shoot here!
maliceinwonderland: There were several that had me gasping in awe at the screen. My, how lovely. I would buy so many of these.


Bunka Fashion College Graduates Show Their Stuff

Feb 25 2014: It’s graduation time! JAPANESE STREETS had a look at the graduation works of Bunka Fashion College graduates

Kjeld Duits: @ffiend: Yes, they are rats. ^^
ffiend: Asuka Tanaka is definitely my favorite here. Curious if those are rats on the second piece? if so I love it even more.
Kjeld Duits: @Virginia: instruments of torture made me laugh. There were a lot of things I liked this time, it was really great fun to visit. Would love to shoot some of these clothes with people in it. ^_-



Feb 19 2014: One of Tokyo’s most important fashion exhibitions, rooms, is taking place again this week. We pick up some of the most interesting brands and introduce each one individually

appletoad: Cute model, I really love her hair too (^^)

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