18th Harajuku Fashion Walk

Jul 29 2013: The Harajuku Fashion Walk, with deep Japanese roots, is slowly becoming an international event.

Kjeld Duits: @Zucchan: Glad you could join, Zucchan! Hope to see you at the next walks, too.
Zucchan: Thanks for the photos!! it’s all good memories, it was my first Harajuku fashion walk I was really happy!!! (∇)
Kjeld Duits: @Kimi: It will be difficult if the number becomes too large—on Sundays, Harajuku streets are quite crowded…


Toji Temple Market Overwhelms Your Senses

Jul 24 2013: Kyoto has some of the best antique and flea markets in Japan. One of the most fascinating ones is the Toji Temple Market

Kjeld Duits: @Zjonni: She was so cute, I could have watched her for hours. I’m sure she’ll be an awesome photo journalist one day! ^_-
Zjonni: Oh my goodness everything is so amazing and beautiful! :0 I would spend hours trying to see everything! And I love that cute little girl in the red hat with her little camera C: She might be a photo journalist one day!
Kjeld Duits: @Stef: Until last Sunday I never had to stay in Kyoto, because I lived nearby, so I’m afraid I can’t really recommend any place. But it is quite easy to find reliable information on the net about lodgings in Kyoto.


Fairytales and Corsets

Jul 15 2013: With the title Carnaval du abilletage-Grimm’s Forest, Tokyo corset designer Bambi celebrates her store’s second anniversary

Kjeld Duits: @Mika—mi: Good observation. Here’s a list of all the performers (sorry for the Japanese): Coppelia Circus (紫ベビードール), Bee TinyTot, Jane, Tsugumi, jajyu, 街子, Tamaki, ギュノ (紫ベビードール), 玉虫, RITA, CAY (Tokyo Dolores), Aloe(Tokyo Dolores), jiLL (Tokyo Dolores), 莉奈 (しましまSPANK), もか (しましまSPANK), なつみ (しましまSPANK), ちゃん・すー (しましまSPANK), ガブリエル, ひなどり, エキゾチカ (Aural Vampire), ALK, yoko.
Mika--mi: Beautiful photos. And the event must have been amazing! But isn’t that Exo-Chika from Aural Vampire in that long, light-green dress, with her blonde hair up? Or am I mistaken?
Kimi: Yo! This must have been such an extravagant evening!

130714-7194 - Carnaval du abilletage-Grimm's Forest

Wonderful Japanese Antiques, Hidden Away at Yoyogi Park

Jul 01 2013: Find something old and special—or new and artsy—at Yoyogi Oedo Antique Fair, held monthly at Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park

maya smith: Love that purple-ish boots. It would look great w/ a bootcut jeans. You can never go wrong the boot-and-bootcut-jeans tandem.
Carrott: OMG, OMG, so many treasures!!! Those fabrics, which could I re-make, a and old teddies bears, and monkeys – I would foster a few! Of course the most fatigued ones.. :D I remember flea market in Amsterdam, when I used to live there, now I live in small town in UK and the only opportunity to find something like that is Sunday car-boot, but – unfortunately – not sooo attractive like a real flea market at all. Don’t mention Japanese one!
mary: thank you!


JAPANESE STREETS Pop Up Studio in Harajuku

Jun 25 2013: JAPANESE STREETS has set up a temporary Pop Up Studio in Harajuku this week

Kjeld Duits: @toybox: Thank you. I have shot Megumi several times now, but today she had the best look ever. Coming up soon!
toybox: so exciting! Your work is always so good and I’m especially looking forward to Megumi’s photos … she looks incredible, as usual!!! Megumi #jspopup613 1 Megumi #jspopup613 2
Kjeld Duits: @Zjonni: Thank you. These are all iPhone shots. The real images are coming soon!


Machico's Illustrated Tights - Cute and Unique Kawaii Designs

Jun 05 2013: Japanese artist and illustrator Machico’s illustrated tights feature lovable designs of girls, bears and hearts. Truly kawaii!

Kjeld Duits: @zambesi nz: Thank you. You can purchase them by clicking on the PayPal Add to Cart button above. ^^
zambesi nz: These tights are actually very unique…and cute too! I haven’t seen such tights before. I will love to get them! These tights are giving an adorable and lovely look!


Candy Colored Hairstyles

Jun 04 2013: Viva Cute Candy is a tiny hair salon, but it still manages to impact Harajuku fashion

Kjeld Duits: Yes, definitely an artist we want to succeed!
Juha: Hair art!
(: Monik :): I hope Iku will succeed :) This world definitely NEEDS more color! Go Iku! ^^

130601-3581 - Tokyo hair salon Viva Cute Candy

POP'NCUTE, always pop and cute

Jun 01 2013: POPNCUTE, Harajuku’s underground music, fashion and art event, spread some happiness earlier this month

Kjeld Duits: @MissMolly: Where do you live?
MissMolly: Aww this looks like so much fun. Wish there was such an active fashion scene where I live.

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