Christian Dada Flagship Shop Opens in Harajuku

Oct 01 2013: Edgy designer brand Christian Dada opened its flagship shop in Harajuku last Friday. JAPANESE STREETS had a look

Samantha: I like the white embroidered jacket. And I definitely want to eat the little burgers. :)
mark dietrich: This shop and these fashions are exquisite and exquisitely presented. Good luck CHRISTIAN DADA!


Looking for Scary Faces

Sep 30 2013: Heavy Pop had a very early Halloween Party last night. JAPANESE STREETS went looking for some scary faces

Kjeld Duits: @Deadly Bite: I have seen some great Halloween make-up in the West, but these looks are spectacular in their own way, aren’t they!
Deadly Bite: Super spectacular shots! I’m not a big Halloween fan here in the West, but Halloween in Harajuku is just amazing :D I’m especially impressed by the ‘snake lady’. Wow!
vattenskada: Amazing !!!


19th Harajuku Fashion Walk

Sep 30 2013: This Sunday the 19th Harajuku Fashion Walk took place. The last one before a historical 20th walk in November!

Kjeld Duits: @Christine: There is a walk this Sunday Nov 24. We leave at 14:00 from the Takeshita-dori Exit of JR Harajuku Station. Attendance is free. This Sunday’s walk is #20, so an important one! JAPANESE STREETS donated some funds for the celebration.
Christine: What time is the walk and where abouts does it start? We are on holiday from Australia and would love to come along!
Kjeld Duits: @Kimi: Yes. lots of fun! ^^


Shouhei Kato Goes Psychedelic with Hirari Ikeda

Sep 16 2013: Upcoming Japanese designer Shouhei Kato, still studying at Bunka Fashion University, has created a new line of psychedelic creations. Hirari Ikeda models them on the streets of Tokyo

Taigaxo: Wow~~!! I have fallen in love with this girl, this is absolutely stunning ^^ I wish I could pull off her look.
Kjeld Duits: @All: Thanks for all the kind comments. I really like Shouhei’s work and Hirari does a great job modeling them, I think.
TySh: wahhhh! this one is really diferent! i really like it although i don’t use anything similar! i would try her hairstyle if i had courage

IMG 0002S

Fashion’s Night Out Tokyo 2013

Sep 14 2013: Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out took over Tokyo again on Saturday Sep 7. Like last year, JAPANESE STREETS focused on the people on the street

Kjeld Duits: @Leah B.: Yes, that’s kind of an original take on the animal print design look, don’t you think?
Leah B.: My God, that first photo makes me want a leopard maxi skirt really badly.
Kjeld Duits: @Maria: WELCOME BACK!!! Yes, Fashion’s Night Out Tokyo is loads of fun. You meet people you know all the time. ^^


rooms 27 - September 2013 Day 2

Sep 13 2013: One of Tokyo’s most important fashion exhibitions, rooms, is taking place again this week. This is our second day coverage

Misato: you’re welcome :)
Kjeld Duits: @Misato: It is indeed. Thank you for pointing that out. I fixed it. ^^
Misato: I’m loving these reports, to discover new and unusual Japanese fashion brands. Just a small correction, it’s Azzedine Alaïa.


rooms 27 - September 2013 Day 1

Sep 12 2013: One of Tokyo’s most important fashion exhibitions, rooms, is taking place again this week. JAPANESE STREETS picked a few favorites

Kimi: Awesome!
Kjeld Duits: @Kimi: It is quite an imaginative and daring project, I thought. How many trade exhibitions would allow something like this. It shows the healthy respect for creativity the organizers have. And yes, we are extremely happy about the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!
Kimi: Wow! Get your portrait drawn by an artist in a bath tub! LOL! Cool event. You must be excited about the Olympics, huh?



Jul 31 2013: On a brooding day in July, 10MO8 SHUPPAN and JAPANESE STREETS went on a fashion trip to Yokohama Chinatown

Kjeld Duits: @Kimi: Good luck!
Kimi: @Kjeld WOW! That’s awesome! Yes, I live in LA. I’m sure there is a service/shop that does that! It would be interesting and different to have a couple of platform sneakers like that! Thanks for the feedback! :D
MissMolly: Gorgeous photos! The food looks so delicious too!

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