Fashion Video

Aug 08 2007: Several interesting video clips showing fashion in Japan: Tokyo Girls Collection 2007 and TV commercials for the Japanese fashion magazines AneCan and CanCam.

Teeny Tiny Cellphones

Aug 08 2007: Love those really cool Japanese keitai (mobile phones)? Would love to have one, but don’t live in Japan? Now you can. A Japanese company sells miniature versions of some of Japan’s hottest keitai.

hua: this is soooo cooolll!!!!!!!!!

Mini Keitai

New Trends for Japanese Men

Jul 18 2007: The past few years, young Japanese men are paying more and more attention to their hairstyles, skin care and scents. What only a few years ago would still have been seen as effected or feminine is now rapidly becoming standard.

The Top Knot is Back! By Pippa Griffiths

Jul 12 2007: This season’s must have hair do is the bun. But, Paris, Milan, New York and London – you can keep your sleek interpretations, because Tokyo women know how to take a trend and make it that bit more edgy …or weirder depending on your fashion taste! Tokyoites, as always, have made it there own and come up with some stunning and adventurous ways to wear long hair….

Rooms has Street Style

Mar 21 2007: On a rainy spring day, JAPANESE STREETS’ Pippa Griffiths and Jennifer Pierce took the elevator to the 40th floor of the swanky Roppongi Hills Tower to take a peek at international and home-spun talent.

Red Shoes No Knickers

Mar 21 2007: More and more kids highlight their outfits with red shoes of every kind of persuasion: pumps, wedges, sneakers, stilettos and boots.

Blonde is Fading

Feb 25 2006: “Japan’s blondes vanish as women turn to dark side,” Reuters reports today.

Kjeld Duits: @Dustheap: I don’t think the reporter was actually correct when she wrote that straight hair black hair is considered unflattering in Japan. That is why I commented on the article. I am sure there are lots of people who think so, but they are definitely not a majority. Having said that, I think you always have the The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence thing happening, people wanting things they don't, or can't, have.
Dustheap: It’s so strange that straight hair is considered unfaltering in japan, yet in America everyone wants that flat ironed hair look… I see people with wavy hair, yet it seems that more people want straight!

Loincloth makes comeback

Jun 04 2005: The traditional Japanese loincloth, or fundoshi is making a comeback, writes the Japan Times today.

Nick: Export Fundoshi to America! You won’t go wrong.
juan: Hello, i like the japanese fashion style very much! Tanks for give me a view inside your culture.
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