Harajuku Fashion

Sep 12 2008: Last week we spent three full days shooting in Harajuku and found quite a few people we liked. It may have been way too hot for real Harajuku fashion. But we did find a huge range of trends, from Spank! to Gothic to “ethnic”, and lots more.

Yukata Special

Aug 20 2008: Summer time is yukata time in Japan. JAPANESE STREETS went out and found some trendy men and women wearing yukata in Osaka.

Beach Fashion

Aug 18 2008: Although the Japanese o-Bon vacation has finished, it is still very much Summer in Japan with high temperatures driving people to the beaches. JAPANESE STREETS checks out beach fashion this week.

golden fox: hello every one iam a quens of fashion have any problem find me only

100+ Japanese T-Shirts

Aug 18 2008: JAPANESE STREETS went onto the streets the past few weeks and shot over 100 Japanese t-shirts.

Kjeld Duits: You can sign up here
daniel leong: kindly send me e-update news thru my email. address. thanks you.

Summer Rags

Jul 18 2008: This week, JAPANESE STREETS went back to Osaka’s Amerika Mura to do some shooting of people in their summer clothes. It has been a while since we last shot in Osaka. As always, it was great fun.

Skulls Galore

Jul 16 2008: Perhaps unconsciously influenced by Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull, skulls are hot in Japan at the moment. They are everywhere. On t-shirts, accessories, bags, shoes, mobile phones. You can’t take a stroll on Japan’s cool streets without running into a few. Come and see some of the skulls we ran into this week.

AU gets fashionable

Jul 08 2008: Just when you thought Western phones with a selection of a few measly colors were cool—check out the snazzy phone art and accessories as part of the AU meets mobile fashion project

Q Pot

Jun 28 2008: Trinkets that look so realistically like desserts you may want to take them off after long bouts of fasting or sleeping at night, lest you decide for a midnight snack…

Moncler: looks nice,japanese fashion ,in good design..
emanda ng: where can i get these in nyc?
jm: hi! do you know where i could find a store (online or not) that sells qtop merchandise in the u.s.? I so want that straberry whip cream ring…
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