Gladiators & Long Noses

May 17 2009: While shooting in Osaka’s trendy Minami-Horie district today, it started to rain. So I sought shelter in the nearest shop, a small men’s shoe shop run by Tokyo shoe brand whoop’-de-doo’. Their latest offerings are really cool, so I want to share them with you.

bluesakura: those gladiator shoes are appearing from everywhere, I really hate them >_<
wowchicken: OMG!! I wanna own one of the gladiator and the long two lace shoes.
Manana: hmmm. I didnt like the gladiator sandals… but the others look confortable! specially the Long Nose Leather Sneakers! still I prefer doll shoes 4 me…

Gladiator Shoes

Latest Harajuku Photos

Apr 03 2009: Last Saturday and Sunday JAPANESE STREETS went shooting in Tokyo’s trendy Harajuku youth fashion district.

Capsule Tokyo for Men

Mar 17 2009: JAPANESE STREETS asked internet fashion shop Capsule Tokyo to put together some suggestions for 2009 spring fashion for men. Capsule Tokyo came up with three cool styles: Onikei Street, Urban Punk and Smart Attitude.

Kjeld Duits: Hi B. Cop, Contact Capsule Tokyo and refer back to this page. They may still be able to help you. Cheers, Kjeld
B. Cop: hey, omg i am in love with the top image of the mens clothing i love the pants, boots, shirt, necklace where can i buy this. Also i am located in australia. would you know any similar type of clothing sites or brand names thank you greatly
naser: no no its oright man. u do good work and helped me a lot.. thank you so much man, I am grateful for that :)

Capsule Tokyo Men's Fashion Spring 2009

Hyper-Low Bikini-Pants

Mar 11 2009: First showing up on TV about a year ago, Jeans Bikini-Pants made by Tokyo based fashion brand Sanna’s have been getting an increasing amount of attention in Japan. The Brazil made pants expose more than people are used to.

Crazypiggy: No Way!!! What were they thinking???!!!! ahhhh!!!
Kjeld Duits: Mainstream stylists in the UK are giving the thumbs-down on this one. This just may foretell success in the UK market…
Misato: It’s clear plagiarism of brazilian brand Zoomp‘s 2006’s bikini pants! Which actually were better cut!

Sanna's Ultra Low-Rise Bikini Pants

Love my Cell Phone Strap

Jan 22 2009: Japanese mobile phones undoubtedly stand out in the crowd. But what makes them truly unique is the incredible heavy usage of straps. Each phone is actually designed with a hole specifically for straps.

Vee: I have a pretzel strap that looks real. It has a “DON’T EAT” message hanging off it too.
Manana: Gosh its adorable!! I have my cellphone full of them, and it can be unconfortable and hard to carry, but definitly worth it!!
becki: I love phone straps! i used to have so many on my phone but they all got tangled and heavy so only have a couple now..i have 3 hello kittys,my melody and cinnamaroll :)

Getting the Boot

Dec 02 2008: I remember how much fun it was to jump in puddles of rainwater with my shiny rain boots when I was a kid. That fun seemed to have somehow escaped when I grew up. Well, fun times are here again. Rain boots get trendy.

Rachael smith: The rain boots are trendier and yes they are very popular in US. Love those boots and flaunt them in rainy days.
American Gal: ummm yes they def r popular in the U.S. …been here all my life and they are here in abundance.
Kjeld Duits: Not so popular yet in the US? Really? It makes you unique of course, but it also limits your choice. I love these cool rain boots.

Oversized Sunglasses

Dec 02 2008: Oversized sunglasses are big everywhere these days, and Japan is no exception.

peyman karami: hi i sending imail from iran us company want to collaboration.
monica: a site that i bought a ton of oversized sunglasses was

Photos of Osaka Trends

Oct 10 2008: Tokyo’s Harajuku and Shibuya are now famous worldwide, but there are still many people who don’t know that Japan has another city with cool youth culture districts. Some two and a half hours by the super speedy Bullet Train gets you in Osaka.

maude: hello
emily woods: please..! show me japanese street fashion pics :]
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